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"Eevuhlooshin, could never, in a trillion trillion zillion billion trillion thousand trillion billion trillion zillion million trillion thousand billion trillion zillion YEARS; ever produce, a DNA molecule. It's impossible. It's a product of intelligence."

NephilimFree (Real name: Ned Flanders) is a Creationist / pedophillic YouTuber who exposes the evotarded lies of Evilution. He is good friends with G Man and formerly Brett Keane, which eventually brought him into conflict with the Drunken Peasants Podcast. He would become a prominent dumbass in the group that would eventually be dubbed the Masters of Stupidity.


He believes in a geocentric universe and thinks that the reason creationism isn't recognized in the scientific community is because the world government is hiding the truth, due to having sworn allegiance to Satan.

He was a member of the Brett Keane posse until Brett's fall from grace in 2015. He still is friends with other creationists like G Man and TrueEmpiricism. Like his Creationist butt buddies, he has zero understanding of science. Nephilim also likes to take it up the butt from Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron, Ray Cumfart, and God himself.


He joined the Masters of Stupidity in their second Religion Debate with the Drunken Peasants. He was one of the most disliked of the bunch, talking over people and using bullshit arguments to the point that TJ and Paul's Ego were yelling and screaming at him to shut the fuck up and eventually kicked him out. He has not been featured on the show since.

Ned Flanders 2

Nephilimfree as shown on The Simpsons


  • His wife almost died from an extreme stroke, but was instantly healed through the magic of prayer.
  • He casually asks for evidence of feathered dinosaurs, but when someone shows him actual feathered dinosaurs he flat out refuses to call them dinosaurs.
  • He doesn't believe in Hell and thinks that it is Catholic propaganda.
  • He is torn between Heliocentrism and Geocentrism, the two equally intellectual beliefs.
  • He is a pedophile.
  • His parents were siblings.
  • Scotty spent an entire week ranting about NephilimFree, much to TJ's annoyance.
  • Looks like the killer from "The Lovely Bones." Appropriate.
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