N-words, otherwise known as niggers, are the most oppressed, flawless, unfortunate, kind, non-crime-committing, honest, and non-prejudiced people on earth (aside from muslims). To date, no one has found an instance of a black person doing something bad. Fun fact; Uncle Tom was actually a protagonist and slave. His callous and very abusive owner was Simon Legree.


When God was crafting humans to live on earth or whatever, a cis/white/male oppressor shit lord ran off with his stache, and didn't even pass it around afterward. God gave that motherfucker a pre-hell scorching. Thus, the first nigger was born. Niggers are made by 100% consensual, non-oppressing sex.


With God still pissed at that stealing mofo, niggers were unfairly banished to the desolate landscape of Africa, which was war-torn and filled with roaming marauders because of God's cruelty. Being perfect, niggers turned Africa into an oppression-free, tolerant, diverse, non-violent and successful paradise. Some sub-human scum kangaroos attempted to spread offensive rumors about niggers, such as the idea that the dominant tribes in Africa captured and sold their fellow niggers to the europeans. Rightfully, kangaroos are steadily becoming endangered. After white people brought their African slaves to America, the most (and let's face it, only) important counrty, those niggers spent some time being genuinely oppressed. All jokes aside, southerners are fucking heartless, to the point where they violently resisted Abraham Lincoln trying to free the slaves. This caused the huge conflict known as the Civil War. The niggers didn't fight in it because of reasons. After this, niggers went through years of literal, legal systematic oppression caused by white people's prejudice. To this day, they have not been liberated.


Niggers have caused many levels of progress in human society, such as:

  • They gained equal rights.
  • They rebooted Carl Sagan's show.
  • They became equal.
  • They created a uhh, uuhhh... well anyways

Niggers have caused infinitely more progress in society than other races, and without them society would collapse immediately.

Notable Niggers

  1. MLK (Martin Luther King)
  2. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  3. Sitler (Satan/Hilter)
  4. Others

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