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"I like Chocolate Malk. I just do."
―Repzion giving us valuable information.[src]
"I'm a reptile god of the universe."
—Repzion introduces himself to DP.[src]

Daniel Sulzbach is a German-American atheist heathen from the U.S. state of Washington and creator of the YouTube channel, Mr. Repzion. His pasty-white face has been a guest on the Drunken Peasants podcast three times. Half of the audience dislikes him, and the other half want to suck his cock.

He's actually a reptilian.


Daniel is known to be an avid fan of Star Wars who sheds both tears and semen as he watches them, and also cosplays - rather poorly - as Deadpool. So if you happen to attend a convention and see an emaciated Deadpool wearing a Pikachu hat running around, makes sure to shoot him in the fac- ...I mean take a selfie with him and tell him how inspirational he is.

He recently received some pretty creepy death threats (aka "jokes") from Vegan Gains as well after he had the audacity to suggest vegans shouldn't be forcing their beliefs on everyone else.

In reality, her name is Dani and she's actually a vegan feminist who plays the role of a hateful gamer.[1]

Daniel Tells You What He Thinks About You00:58

Daniel Tells You What He Thinks About You


Mr. Repzion was a fan of The Amazing Atheist, even back when he described himself as a Christian. He was respected by many for not forcing his beliefs on everyone else, even becoming good friends with TJ during this time despite their differences and was later promoted by The Amazing Atheist on his channel in 2012. He gradually escaped from the hold of religion and became an atheist, getting closer to TJ. This led to their intimate relationship.

On Drunken Peasants

Daniel has made guest appearances in episodes 15, 63, 190. He was also intended to make some other appearances that were later cancelled. His major contribution is agreeing with the hosts and sucking DP's THC-filled cocks and nothing else, and not particularly in that order. Although usually having reasonable political views, he is known to espouse opinions akin to the average liberal cuck.

Repzion made his first guest appearance early on during episode 15. He was brought on to discuss topics such as legal weed, political bullshit in Ukraine, and fan questions. He once commented he had a difficult time knowing when to speak on the episode.

During episode 63, Repzion explained his sci-fi reptilian backstory that led to him becoming reptile god of the universe and later discussed Star Wars and Star Trek. They also brought up Daniel's terrible cooking videos and discussed topics such as stupid Christians, police brutality, and watching stupid ads.

On episode 190, it was planned he would debate Vegan Gains with Paul as a moderator. Vegan Gains stood up the peasants and they instead went with a regular episode. Repzion said he was eager to talk to him in the near future and call him out on his bullshit. Paul's Ego rekt Daniel regularly throughout the show. It was revealed there was a lost episode featuring Repzion in which he managed to actually be interesting.

On Amazing Atheist

"We're both about banging those fine-ass bitches!"
—Repzion says what he and TJ have in common.
In 2012, Repzion made his first appearance on TJ's channel in the video YOUTUBE IS LOVE!


Repzion later made two guest videos on TJ's channel in 2014.

On Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat has made a guest video on Repzion's channel where he exposed chemtrails.

Kylie Jenner Chemtrail Conspiracy EXPOSED!09:42

Kylie Jenner Chemtrail Conspiracy EXPOSED!

Two months later, CC made a video where he pwned the ever loving fuck out of Repzion. Repzion has not made a response, as he is obviously too scared to confront the lord's chosen cat.

MrRepzion Totally Freaking PWND!08:07

MrRepzion Totally Freaking PWND!

On Hugo & Jake

Repzion has made a guest appearance on Hugo and Jake's The Bible Reloaded channel for a reading of Jack Chick's "Kidnapped!".

MrRepzion is Kidnapped!32:56

MrRepzion is Kidnapped!

New Direction

Repzion has recently announced that he is trying to make a transition from YouTube atheist videos towards videos focused on self-help and education. This has to do with his change in attitude from 'angry atheist' to 'passive atheist' who doesn't care. [1] Now he's gotten into some heat with the vegan community and does some random gaming videos, of course which is nowhere nearly to the level of quality of RageFeed.

His pussification has become even further realized after he backed down from being on Episode 150 to confront Vegan Gains. Daniel is officially the biggest commie of the DPverse. 

Acting Career

In late 2015, Daniel joined the growing number of popular YouTubers who are trying their hand at mainstream acting. He's cleverly banking on his youth, good looks and hordes of fans before they inevitably fall from his grasp along with his other hopes and dreams.

He made his acting debut in Trisha Paytas' latest picture Viral Video 2 where he played the part as Trisha's antagonist.


"You can't go wrong with more boobs, ever."
―A very wise and insightful advice.[src]
"Give me your money, and you got my sex."
―Daniel to Satan after he fell on hard times.[src]
"Hitler did nothing wrong yo."
―Daniel showing his approval on Hitler's actions[src]
"I wanna make it abundantly clear that if you are a vegetarian you don't deserve to live."
―Daniel's humble opinion on vegetarians.[src]
"If you are a vegan you die."
―Daniel's DP approved message to vegans.[src]
"I eat meat because all gay people are going to Hell."
―This is the reason why most people in the world eat meat.[src]


  • He has alluded several times to the fact that he has multiple nutsacks.
  • Scoopy finds Repzion's videos boring.
  • The Amazing Atheist was banned from Repzion's house when he was a teenager.
  • He is friends with Ryan Wiley (though Ryan's extreme love for Repzion remains unrequited).
  • Mr. Repzion's house was searched for pan possession, prompting him to leave town.
  • Mr. Repzion has an older brother who is also a YouTuber. He has two channels.
  • People has accused Repzion of inspiring a murderer's actions just because that particular individual is a subscriber of his. To repeat, some people actually think others are willing to commit murder at the behest of Mr-fucking-Repzion who wears a Pikachu hat.
  • He left his apartment because of his shitty neighbors.
  • Mr. Repzion experienced his first orgasm as a small child when entranced by the bust of a pixelated woman from a 90's video game. Anita was right.
  • He has also claimed that as a child, he masturbated for Jesus, whatever the hell he meant by that.
  • Mr. Repzion was parodied by the SyeTenAtheist in his Jaclyn Glenn video. Daniel was flattered by this.
  • His videos have helped many young fans overcome their personal problems and become happier people. Wow
  • Mr. Repzion masturbates 23 times a day.
  • He is criticized by iMustDestroyAll for criticizing Onision.
  • Sargon of Akkad worried that Daniel was devolving into a SJW because of his video criticizing Nash Grier's taste in women.
  • His skin is so pale, because he has Finnish ancestors.[2] He might be also a Twilight vampire, since there is no proof he isn't.
  • When asked about Jaclyn Glenn's plagiarism, Repzion confirms that he "doesn't give a shit" considering he was once responsible for the old copy-and-paste on a single occasion during his desperate "posting vids every day" phase. Though, he did find it a tad odd that Jaclyn felt the need to do it way too often.
  • He has cried at every Star Wars movie except for Attack of the Clones.
  • He went to Africa to build houses and shit for all the poor darkies who live there. He only did this because he has jungle fever and fantasizes about being a slave owner who dominates black women, according to Cassidy Boon.
  • TJ said his videos would be better if he had a different voice during Episode 190.
  • He fucking hates people who watch hentai and would prefer it if they fucked animals.
  • He went to Africa
  • He went to Africa
  • She went to Africa
  • He went to Africa
  • He went to Africa
  • He admits that he tries to be mean to people because he's insecure about his stupid fucking voice.


  • In this stupid fucking hat.
  • Being poetic.
  • A sexy skeleton
  • Repzion licks Bubba's Butthole
  • PewDiePie follows him on Twitter.
  • Daniel trying to participate in BananaGate
  • Daniel impersonating Nick Cage
  • The most realistic depiction of Daniel ever, by SyeTenAtheist
  • His love of video games knows no bounds
  • Daniel accidentally gives Anita some ammo.
  • Miss Repzion, by BeyondPhere
  • Daniel rubbing his tits.
  • His stupid/beautiful fucking hat.


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