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Miss Kitty is an English YouTuber and feminatrix who makes vlogs about the glamorous life of a BDSM sex worker!

She likes to keep an open mind and is willing to listen to opinions that differ from hers and - oh, wait! I was thinking about the exact opposite. Miss Kitty is your garden-variety, third-wave feminist who sticks to the most simplistic feminist rhetoric of feminism is about equality and people who are against feminism hate women while probably remaining unfamiliar with feminist theory and shaming others about their 'privilege'.


"People were so mean on my feminism YouTube video haha."
―I wonder why calling people misogynists when they aren't makes people angry.[src]
She made video expressing her distain for people who choose not to identify as feminists (which she unsurprisingly disabled comments on) that was featured in Episode 120.


  • "Woke up to loads of hate on my feminism video, surprise surprise! Looks like I'll be bathing in male tears today :')" - How egalitarian! [1]
  • "Feminism cares about men too, but we shouldn't need to tell men that in order to get them to care about feminism. They already should." - Again, same old rhetoric. And no it doesn't~ [2]
  • "Ladies, if feminism is not for you then get back into the kitchen." - Huh, this reminds me of a certain attitude... [3]
  • "#YesAllWomen because "feminism" is still deemed as uncool & unnecessary." - Nah, it's mainstream. [4]
  • "The Page 3 ban is ridiculous. Yet again oppressing women under the guise of "feminism" & punishing female sexuality." - Credit where credit is due. [5]

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