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"I'm just tired of women who are a bunch of pathetic, whiner, narcissists speaking out on behalf of all women everywhere and thinking that's acceptable."
―Carrera's take on the anti-GamerGate crowd[src]

Mercedes Carrera is a Latin-American pornographic actress, self-proclaimed slut and engineer patriarchal gender traitor that strongly opposes the views of most internet feminists, especially those fighting against GamerGate.


Despite having her brains fucked-out periodically, said organ manages to stay intact, unlike those belonging to subscribers of the ideology that views Princess Peach as problematic.

Mercedes has been DP'd a number of times. She also has made a few guest appearances on the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

She also runs her own charity simply entitled, "The Porn Charity", which does just that: raises money through porn. Taking dicks for dimes. Sucking penises for pennies. Cumming for coins etc.

Mercedes is also an avid supporter of military veteran's rights.

On Drunken Peasants

Carrera and Drunken Peasants have tried to schedule a "debate" (wink wink) between Carrera and Ryan Wiley. Wiley pussied out (big surprise), as he is far too afraid of achieving sexual climax on air.

She first appeared as a guest on Episode 85 and was understandably one of the most well received guests on the show. It is unknown how this positive reception came to fruition. She then made a second appearance on Episode 104.

Ben's Research

"Been up all night 'researching' the videos of tonight's guest, [Mercedes Carrera] . Our arms are tired, but we'll still do the show anyway.."
―Drunken Peasants Twitter before Episode 104.[src]
Before Carrera was allowed on Episode 104, Ben had to run a background check to ascertain that she was qualified for the esteemed position of DP guest. He, and the rest of the fanbase, did copious amounts of "research" on her "qualifications".

Ben's Conclusion

"Oh feck yeah!"


SJW Feminists whine about mean tweets, ignore real rape culture, -GamerGate12:37

SJW Feminists whine about mean tweets, ignore real rape culture, -GamerGate

Mercedes serves as the antithesis for Anita Sarkeesian. The fanbase is always excited to have her on the show; the fans value her thorough and nuanced opinions along with her stellar argumentation. Not only does she offer these great things, but she even has a sweet rack.

She criticizes feminists' portrait of all women as a victims of a cisgender, white, patriarchal society. These same feminists argue that her opinion is irrelevant as they feel she has been brainwashed and implanted with "internalized misogyny" (code for penises).

Adult Film Star speaks out against Feminism04:09

Adult Film Star speaks out against Feminism.

She, like everyone else with a brain, shows nothing but dissent, dislike, and disgust at Anita Sarkeesian, for her bullshit and professional victim routine, citing that she wouldn't respond to her requests to show support for a real rape victim.


"You could be Eskimo brothers with somebody's doll."
"It's very insulting to the legion of poor in history, men & women, to claim that inequity is a gendered issue. It's always been socioeconomic."
―Carrera reinforces internalized misogyny.[src]
"...and I take it up the ass for a living!"
—Mercedes during Episode 185.
"I feel like I don't engage in as much fellatio as is possible. In fact, I'm looking at increasing my fellatio intake."
―Mercedes rekt some British cuck on Twitter.[src]


  • Mercedes has challenged Onision to a boxing match. Onision has not responded.
  • Mercedes is just not just a pair of tits; she's also got a fine ass and perdy mouth.
  • She does anal.
  • She once starred in a Jesus Porn.
  • Mercedes is the sexiest female on DP on the wiki's top ten.
  • She is a Spanish speaker, as displayed with her interaction with fans on Twitter.[1]
  • Contrary to popular belief, it's actually entirely possible to both enjoy Mercedes' pornographic material, and think she's a human being, In fact it's probably to her benefit, as watching porn does help keep her in work. Fap Freely, though wash your hands after. She is a lady after all.
  • The men she works with actually want her to feel good. Proof that feminism is bullshit in America!
  • Mercedes Hasn't Done DAP......yet fingers crossed
  • Mercades can lift 5 tons
  • Mercedes Rides a Battle-Cat to Set and Drives Home in a Thunder Cat Tank
  • Mercedes is great fun on Twitter
  • Mercedes has a secret bases on the Darkside Of The Moon
  • Mercedes can see The Ultra Violet Spectum.
  • Mercedes is actually a Transformer sent by Megatron to spy on humans.
    • She can turn into a car, No not a Mercedes Benz, a car that's actually good.


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