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"It's a meaningless panacea when we invent a god that can do anything and be anything… It serves as an answer to every question and an explanation for nothing"
—Dillahunty showing secular morality is a lie.
Matt Dillahunty (aka Fatt Dillacunty) is a popular atheist and secular activist and Host of The Atheist Experience TV show, where the religious and sometimes atheists call in to discuss atheist & religion-related topics with the hosts. He is the most popular host of the aforementioned show and has a reputation for hanging up on idiots. He has also founded his own counter-apologetics wiki called Iron Chariots. This name references a strange passage of the bible, and is probably the most clever name one could come up with for a website like that. You have to be a bible geek to get it, or you at least have to read the passage on the website's front page.

Matt has done several collaborations with Aron Ra, another popular atheist. He has debated with Ray Cumfart and Sye Ten Bruggenkate (a presuppositionalist asswipe scumbag) and Matt Slick. He subsequently mopped the fuckin' floor with them.

The almighty G-man has called Matt's show multiple times and claims to have beaten him at his own debate game. He also smashed and destroyed a devout follower of the infinitely irrelevant Christian cuntbucket named ShockofGod live, on the show. Fact: When Matt forced Ben to call him back on Episode# 197, Ben simultaneously Came in his panties. Fact # 2, Calling the Peasants back earned him a membership in coolsvile.


Matt has been mentioned several times, mostly in conjunction to G-man claiming TJ is friends with him. G-man gets this idea as he believes all atheists prominent online all know each other well. TJ has said repeatedly in response to G-man's claim that this is simply not the case. So, despite the rumors, no, TJ and Matt aren't fuckbuddies.

He was talked about in Episode 144, where Dusty Smith said Matt disliked TJ because he thought TJ was too abrasive. Dusty defended TJ to Matt. Dusty then said he believes Matt's wife wants to fuck him.

Dusty revealed in Episode 195 that Matt is now hating both TJ and Dusty due to their content being too offensive and in-your-face, when in actuality he just prides himself as being part of an "atheist elite" aka he's a fucking snob. The peasants have speculated that he and the other so-called intellectual YouTube atheist elitists were probably the picked on kids in high school who now are trying to form their own cliques to make up for all the bullying.

Guest Appearance

On Episode 197 Dillahunty finally made an appearance on the DP where he discussed Dusty's accusations towards his wife and other political ideologies. Matt claimed that he never hated TJ and if he ever did a video slamming him, he doesn't remember it. By Matt's account Dusty harassed his wife into admitting she didn't like him, which somehow translates to wanting to fuck him. Dusty repeatedly posted on Mrs. Dillahunty's wall despite her asking him to stop, when he ignored her he was blocked. During the show Paul and TJ tried to find a point they could argue with Matt on but found very little. The most ambiguous part of the podcast was Matt not giving a straight answer on the question: "Can black people be racist?"


  • He speaks at many secular/atheist conferences.
  • He is a feminist. The good news is: He's nowhere near an example of a radical feminist.
  • He was once in the fuckin' Navy in the 90's.
  • He cross-dressed in Episode 718 of Atheist Experience.
  • He is the only person to have defeated G-man in a debate.
  • He has the amazing ability of resembling a camp counselor regardless of his age.
  • Dillahunty slightly enjoys the sound of his own voice.
  • He likes to spend tons of time defining words, which makes him a word slave, and therefore less evolved than the ultimate philosopher gTime Johnny.
  • He once gave the most accurate description on an Anita Sarkeesian video ever: "It's horseshit."
  • He likes poop and turtles.
  • When he forced the Peasants to call back after hearing them talk shit, the whole chat literally Came.

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