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Mark Shouldice is a conspiracy theorist douchebag who is popular on YouTube. Two of his videos were featured on the Drunken Peasants. His main source for information is the extremely accurate TMZ.

He likes to make fun of other conspiracy theorists that are slightly more crazy than him. He is also the precursor to the Vigilant Christian, so that's another thing you can thank him for.


"So you clowns used my entire YouTube video in your "show" without even giving proper credit.  Figures.  Atheist Scum.   And FYI, Marx was commissioned as the new Hitler a SECRETARY by the League of the Just, a Secret Society, as Marx admits in the preface to the German edition.  So, as I said, he is considered one of the founders of Communism. Morons."
— His YouTube comment on Episode 81.


  • He was first mentioned in Episode 35 when a fan asked the peasants their thoughts on Mark Dice.
  • He has also been arrested for being a douchebag on the street.
  • He thinks people like Kanye West as Illuminati wannabes and considers people like Jay Z, Katy Perry and Rihanna to be the real deal.
  • He wrote a book called Illuminati Facts and Fiction. Summary: it's bullshit!
  • He is totally a Media Analyst.
  • Mark is a smug cunt.
  • Ironically thinks Pokémon GO is "evil mind control that turns people into zombies" but is part of a group who walks into a building every week to pray to an imaginary sky daddy.

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