"What? No ticket."
—Indiana Jones to some Nazi fuck in a scene that should be re-enacted with this ugly fuck.
"The constitution mandates me to be an absolute douche."
—ManGagaMan in a nutshell.
ManGagaMan, (real name is Bob Ert) is a cunt who was raised by wildebeests. His main trademarks are a lack of constitutional knowledge, a massive victim complex, and a general lack of empathy or human decency. He has made several videos where he is a dick to people who are just trying to do their jobs because he didn't buy a ticket. He also posts shitty workout videos.


The Drunken Peasants have covered three of his videos, and they unanimously agree that he is garbage.It's too bad someone doesn't use their second amendment rights on him.

It has been speculated that he was recently seen on a date with a large black man.


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