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"#BanTJ #BanBen #BanGman #BanScotty #BanJaclyn #BanHitler"
The average dumbass in the chat with nothing to add to the conversation.
The Live Chat of The Drunken Peasants is the best place on nowhere. It is full of attention whores, but it still sums up humanity's greatness. No philosopher or artist has better encapsulated the human condition than the stream of consciousness that is DP Live Chat. Some Philistines bitch about their inability to have petty, cretinous conversations in the Live Chat due to its rapid pace and randomness, but these morons are unable to appreciate true beauty. The chat is notorious for using its cis white male privilege to victimize the guests.

Kaiser Scotty

Scotty served as the sole moderator for the Drunken Peasants Live Chat when it was still around. Admin Bullshit Police was banned by Scotty for saying "Scotty's significant other is attached to his wrist".


The chat room had spawned many unfunny memes during it's lifespan including the constant spamming of "#Ban X person" or asking the peasants to get someone on the podcast who would likely never be on the show, including JonTron, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Un, and even Obama. Hashtags in general are a big part of the chat room's culture. A user named TJ's Anus expanded the cancer by posting shit like "I wanna fist TJ". There has also been annoying ascii art in the chat.
Poop balls shirt-r514e31ea108c471bb948221128d8b168 804gy 512

A shirt.

Celebrity Attendance

Many deceased world leaders frequently joined the chat. Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, God, Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler were recurring members of the clusterfuck that was the DP chat.


The chat returned a third time for Episode 107 with Creationist Cat, in which a lot of the chat was instructed by TJ to spam 'poopballs' over and over.

Fans have sent many requests for a "poopballs" shirt.

Mario, We're Comin' For You, Nigga!

The official slogan of the IllumiScotty. Scotty says it whenever a Vigilant Satanist - I mean Vigilant Christian *wink wink* video is played on Drunken Peasants. It is a reference to a WWE Wrestling promo where Tim Black accidentally called Hulk Hogan a "nigga". That moment is clearly single-handedly responsible for all racism in society.

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