"It's hard to remember that the greatest form of entertainment is still just to curl up with a good brick."
—Lance Sloane
Lance Sloane is an actor who plays The Amazing Atheist on YouTube. He is a mild-mannered Christian and a totally not a troll. He operates under the pseudonym of TJ Kirk, formally "Terroja Kincaid". He, his brother Ryan, and good friend Ben are all a part of a dedicated acting troupe who play exaggerated, foul-mouthed, panhead atheists (complete opposites of their real life selves) on YouTube. He is a professional shill.

Lance Sloane announced on March 23, 2015 that he is running for Governor of Arkansas (or whatever the fuck.)


Lance made an appearance at the beginning of Episode 92 when he greeted MundaneMatt. He had to switch into character for the show so he could properly molest Ben. His brother, Ryan, and friend, Ben Sloane, are co-hosts of Drunken Peasants.

Lance Sloane's Family & Friends


Tyrone, the most successful of the Sloanes.

Ryan Sloane

Ryan Sloane is a host of Drunken Peasants and the brother of Lance Sloane. Like his brother, he is a mild-mannered Christian. He plays the character of Scotty Kirk.

Tyrone Sloane

Tyrone Sloane is the African-American cousin of Ryan Sloane and Lance Sloane. He was first mentioned by Paul's Ego in Episode 100. He is an upbeat Christian who will probably be lynched by the KKK and Hitlerists.

Ben Sloane

Ben Sloane (no relation to Lance and family) is an actor who plays Ben on the Drunken Peasants. He is a Christian with a calm demeanor. He is camera shy. He was formerly part of a band entitled "So Called Jesus."


"Hello there, internet. I'm Lance Sloane. For three and a half years I have portrayed the lovable internet character, known as The Amazing Atheist. You know, when I'm not pretending to disbelieve in God or act like some kind of crazy atheist, I like to curl up and read my kids a good brick. That's right, folks. In this day and age of ever-increasing internet temptations and television and other media forms getting in the way between us and our families, it's hard to remember that the greatest form of entertainment is still just to curl up with a good brick. So remember to have your BRICKfast at Tiffany's.""
—Lance Sloane

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