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"And that's why I love to suck cock"
—Kyle's catchphrase
Kyle Kulinski is the creator of the YouTube channel Secular Talk . He is the first guest whose appearance the Drunken Peasants have specifically tailored the show for.


He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from some shithole no one's ever heard of in New York. He is of Italian and Polish ancestry, which would explain his rabid hatred of the filthy cockroaches that shall not be named.

Despite his hatred of the aforementioned, he shows large support for Bernie Sanders (aka. Evil Liberal Jew of America) in the 2016 Presidential Election, whom he is in cahoots with, in a deep-rooted plot to destroy white America.

He has identified as a feminist. Take that for what it's worth.


Kyle's show started April 2008 and was eventually added to The Young Turks Network (unsurprisingly). The formula on his channel is covering a wide range of news stories - usually by first showing a clip or reading from an article.

Despite being affiliated with The SJW and Islam Apologist Network... Actually, there is no despite here, carry on.

On Drunken Peasants

As mentioned, the episode he appeared in, episode 90, was tailor-made for him. This goes to show the white privilege at the core of DP. The episode played like a really long Secular Talk video with hosts having their roles reversed in many ways.

Kyle made his second guest appearance along with Paul's Ego in episode 154. It was good.

In episode 199 the Peasants reviewed a video by Livelife8072, who claimed Kulinski was an anti-Semite due to his double standard for Muslim terrorism and some random Jew sending a mean letter to another random Jew.

On Amazing Atheist

Kyle Kulinski mentions TJ in some of his videos, and had a conversation with TJ on his channel.
The Amazing Atheist On New Atheism, Progressivism, Race & More01:42:12

The Amazing Atheist On New Atheism, Progressivism, Race & More

Kyle's discussion dicksuction with TJ Kirk.

Peace Treaty

Kyle has recently been at work to make peace between New Atheists and so called "Progressives" with his video New Atheists Vs Progressives | Proposing A Ceasefire. This turned out to be ineffective do to the stubbornness on both sides (but mainly on the SJW's) including people like Sam Sedar.


"You need to civilize yourself, son!" - Kyle before he smacked a bitch.[1]


Kyle on his Childhood10:25

Kyle on his Childhood

  • He's actually a lesbian woman named Kylie
  • He had a debate against Dave Rubin on Israel and Palestine.[2]
  • Kyle did a sorta-collab with TJ in early November, 2015. It was in an interview format.
  • As he has told us several times, he loves facesitting.
  • His favorite pornstar is Lisa Ann.
  • Kyle became an atheist after reading The God Delusion. #edgy
  • He was once Catholic and was raised Catholic, much like Ben. Unlike Ben, however, he is no longer Catholic.
  • He really really hates the kikes.

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