Why people like her (her luscious hair.)

Kim Kardashian (or simply Kim K) is an Amerinian-American goddess that other stupid Americans pay attention to because she has a huge ass and leads an "interesting" life.


She is also famous for fucking some black guy that nobody cares about anymore, Ray J.

She and Kanye West aka God had America's first royal wedding since the colonial era.


Her only feature that has any relevance or substance is her ass.

Okay, I lied she has a nice face, gorgeous hair as well as beautiful breasts, but that's about it.

TJ is a huge fan of her ass and wouldn't mind living with the Kardashians because of it. TJ has talked about her ass on his channel and even wrote a song in honor of it.


  • Did we mention that she has a nice ass? She has a nice ass.... Like a really nice ass....
  • Okay, where was I?


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