"Ching Chang Chong, I'm Kim Jong-un, got a mushroom cloud, for you."
—Kim Jong-Un's catchphrase.
Kim Jong-fun (born January 8, 1983) formerly known as Kim Jong-un is the supreme Leader of North Korea and a faggot. He is the son of world-renowned rapper Kim Jong-Il. TJ also fucked Kim Jong-Un in the ass. The video was uploaded by TJ Fucks Things.

The lucky people of North Korea are all shiny happy people holding hands in a land of milk and honey, with trees a plenty, in a garden of paradise. All thanks to the infinite wisdom and benevolence of their dear leader.

the glorious leader and supreme leader is kind to all (except does capitalist pigs to the south) and will unify Korea as one sovereign state.

Click here to view Kim Jong-Un's official theme song.


Kim Jong-Un has the best life in North Korea. All day he sits on his fat ass eating, watching western films, and jerking off to porn with his soldiers, who might even have sex with him. He also has young girls that he fucks everyday officially known as his "pleasure squad", due to being an immoral atheist /satanist .

Kim Jong-fun

North Korea is in such great of a state that the United Nations presented Kim with a free change of name, he is now known as Kim Jong Fun because North Korea was recently voted the most fun place on the planet by every rational human being.


  • Kim with his fuckbuddies and all the food he eats a single day.
  • Mr. Jong-un.
  • The Stay Puft Jong Un Man.
  • Kim takes a selfie with a bunch of worthless stars.
  • Kim enjoying a day at Disney World.
  • Kim VS Obama Bin Laden.
  • Kim made a mess!

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