How To Get Your Dick Suck06:47

How To Get Your Dick Suck

Kevin Telkin AKA KevDawg is badass mofo playa who has the secret to how you get a dick suck at strip clubs. He is a neckbearded, intelligent pan smoker and impresses all his friends by getting his dick suck by strippers, he is also the MLG strip club attendee in all of human existence.

He is a member of an exclusive "Dick Suck Club" that is made up of men, women, and children. Unfortunately, KevDawg has only uploaded two videos where he imparts his wisdom upon us.


How To Impress Any All Girls06:30

How To Impress Any All Girls

Ben and TJ played KevDawg's instructional video about how to get your dick suck at the beginning of episode 138 in the Troll or Not a Troll segment. TJ incorrectly determined KevDawg to be a troll.

The Way of the Dick Suck

This is how to get your dick suck garunteed. This is a great secret, 100% proven true by scientists.

  1. Wear a red shirt.
  2. Look for a stripper wearing yellow (the yellow is very IMPORTANT!) *will not work on bartender*
  3. Aproach them, say "seltzer" they say "water" you say "no, tonic water". If they say "seltzer" next, you're gonna get a dick suck.

KevDawg's Impeccable Wisdom

In an attempt to replace The Beast as the biggest, baddest playa in the land, KevDawg shares his wisdom on how to get girls. Watch and fucking learn, Beast, the KevDawg's bout to school yo ass on how to get da ass.

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