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"Think about it!"
—A phrase often preached, but never practiced.
Some Dude Josh Feuerstein Goes Full Bonkers on CNN over Starbucks07:14

Some Dude Josh Feuerstein Goes Full Bonkers on CNN over Starbucks

Feuerstein gets served like the bitch he is.

Joshua Feuerstein (translates to Flintstone in German) (born January 7, 1981) is a right-wing Christian preacher, con-artist, fearmongerer, lumbering ogre and unintentional clown. When he's not eating his weight in lard to add to his titty meat collection, Joshua spends his days posting tacky religious rants videos on Facebook which have amassed an impressive amount of followers and views that only work to build the delusion (among many others) that he is worth a pot to piss in.

He engages in a great deal of pseudo-activism where he challenges his audience to spread his absolute horse hockey by sharing his videos and engaging in laughably ineffectual activities (well, when he's not trying to encourage violence).


"I think in the age of political correctness we become so open-minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head!"
—His new ad nauseam-used catchphrase. Inigo Montoya has a serious objection to him using the word 'literally'.

Usually shot with an iPhone in portrait mode a Red One, Josh's videos consist of things such as exposing Obama as the Antichrist, disproving evolution whilst not understanding a shit stain of it, and proving why Walmart buildings are secret military bases. Through this medium, he has gathered a following of over 2,000,000 fans.

Josh adorns your typical street preacher mannerisms with overly-exaggerated emotions to make what he's saying appear to have some weight to them and uses a superabundant amount of sophistry. Despite looking like a beggar most of the time, Josh definitely has more than enough money to feed all the needy people he allegedly cares about but never mentions.

Josh is currently one of YouTube atheism's favorite punching bags.

On Drunken Peasants

The Drunken Peasants have featured Joshua's antics arguments on their podcast many times.

On Amazing Atheist

TJ first criticized Josh on his main channel by responding to an anti-evolution video Josh made in June 2014. He made more videos on Josh and a few of his videos were featured on the show. He also made a response to TJ, saying that his body was too complex to be created "accidentally". TJ jokingly said that he looks like the "offspring of Fred Durst and Wheezywaiter".

Josh Moronstein

In response to Feuerstein's growing popularity, TJ created a parody of Joshua by the name of "Josh Moronstein", posting videos of Moronstein disproving the theory of gravity and pwning aunicornists. Feuerstein reacted positively to TJ's mockery and posted a sympathetic message to him on Facebook regarding TJ's personal struggles. TJ was moved by Feuerstein's kind gesture and promised not to post anymore Josh Moronstein videos, however he continued to criticize Josh's beliefs and foundations.

However, following Josh's doxxing of a gay friendly bakery, TJ lost the last bit of respect he had for Josh and proceeded to make more Josh Moronstein videos.

he Taforementioned dox resulted in said bakery being harrassed and even receiving death threats from Josh's sycophantic followers.

Vs. The Gay Agenda

Cut The Cake Florida bakery attacked by Joshua Feuerstein03:57

Cut The Cake Florida bakery attacked by Joshua Feuerstein

On April 1, Feuerstein called Cut the Cake bakery in Longwood, Florida, and asked owner Sharon Haller if she would make a #HateCake and include the words "We do not support gay marriage." Haller initially thought the phone call was a prank.

She then refused to make the cake saying, "We do not do that, sorry." She then quickly hung up the phone. Josh recorded the phone call without her permission, and posted it online crying hypocrisy (because he is too stupid to understand how saying no to all hate speech is different from rejecting a message of love between two people), leading to harassment of the owners by Feuerstein’s followers. Josh was probably bummed that he didn't have any cake to eat.

Feuerstein has since removed the video, but it was reposted elsewhere:

What's also interesting it that Sharon Haller is weighing her legal options because recording phone calls without the consent of everyone involved is illegal in Florida. So Feuerstein isn’t just a retarded asshole. He’s a retarded asshole who may be charged with a criminal offense. I guess you can't have your hate cake and eat it too.
Josh Moronstein Orders A Cake03:36

Josh Moronstein Orders A Cake

TJ in response again made a "Josh Moronstein" parody video about Josh's retarded idiocy:

Before attacking Cut the Cake bakery in Florida, Josh attacked other businesses and sent his gullible fans to harass them. The Mayo Clinic for something that had to do with an employee there and his father possibly being fired; The business ITSUGAR, for selling breath spray that was marijuana flavored. He also posted and deleted a video because of negative feedback when he went into a toy store and smashed and stomped on all the Ouija Boards they were selling because they went against his religious beliefs.

Fear Of NWO

Josh is not afraid of the gay NWO capturing and raping him, as he wants it. What he is afraid of, however, is that he knows that no gay man will ever want to fuck his fat ass, so the gay NWO will force him to diet and exercise. A fate worse than death.

Vs. Starbucks

Josh knows Satan's working his magic better than anyone else. However, this primarily comes in the form of his religion not being put on a golden pedestal rather than anything actually important because such a notion is a form of persecution in his eyes. One such example is Starbucks no longer putting "Merry Christmas" on their cups. Josh fought back against their devious attack on Jesus by ordering a cup of coffee (along with probably 20 dozen muffins) and told the clerk his name was "Merry Christmas". Well, holy shit. That definitely was a kick in Satan's balls! Josh then imitated a new movement #MerryChristmasStarbucks in hopes of encouraging more people to do God justice by making the guy at the counter pause for a moment before getting on with his job, while also contributing money to the very people their trying to protest, clever.

Josh is also of the mindset that Planned Parenthood is the third Reich in disguise because of all the abortion doctors that work there who end up getting shot up by folks like Josh. Being one of the organization's backers, Starbucks easily became Josh's object of vitriolic nonsense to the extent that he basically said their Merry Christmas-less cups are filled with Abortion which is why they taste so bitter and are overpriced (Coz they're paid with the blood of children, I suppose).

Inciting Violence

Josh Feuerstein Incites Violence Mirror Unedited01:12

Josh Feuerstein Incites Violence Mirror Unedited

Days after a deranged hillbilly went on a murder spree at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Jerk Fuckstain deleted a video he made saying  "I say tonight, we punish Planned Parenthood. I think it's time that abortion doctors should have to run and fear for their life." This video was still saved and shared, prompting Dusty and other YouTubers made their responses and determined that Fuckstain was a no-good dirty terrorist. Josh contested that the video was "highly edited" and taken out of context, yet he refuses to show the original video and is filing DMCA strikes against people sharing the old video. But fear not, the internet never forgets.[1]

Atheist YouTuber and friend to the Peasants, Armoured Skeptic did a video where in he claimed that Joshua was probably going to jail for his terroristic threat. Sadly, this was not the case as no charges were levied against him.

Con-artistry, Lying, And Plagiarizing

  • It's no surprise that Joshua seems to be taking advantage of his followers for his financial gain. His Facebook page with more than 1 million followers is used to mainly sell t-shirts and as of today collect donations for what he calls his "mini-book". He claims he is out to use this money to help stop suicide and spread his religion to help the lives of those in need. But it seems he spends large amounts of money on Cartier watches and a large diamond ring for his fiancée. He is feeding off of the depressed, the gullible, the stupid, the delusional and the mentally ill for donations and using it to fund his lavish material items. Multiple people have confronted him about it asking him to show proof of how he uses the donations and posted pictures asking how he affords watches in the price range of over $5,000 dollars. They were immediately blocked from his page.
  • Joshua Feuerstein's expensive new Cartier watchGo to
  • His other Cartier watch and a large diamond ring for his fiancéeGo to
  • His brand new gold watchGo to
  • Go to
  • Feuerstein also ran a fundraiser in August 2014 asking for $20,000 to buy a professional video camera. The fundraiser was successful. But he still makes his shitty videos on his crap phone in portrait-mode (he still hasn't discovered the existence of fucking landscape-mode) and when people inquired about the equipment (including famous atheist YouTubers and bloggers like Hemant Mehta and Seth Andrews), he told them that it was purchased and then threatened a most of them with lawsuits if they said anything to the contrary. The labeling of a camera with poor quality as a "Red One" has become a meme because of this event.
  • Joshua also posted another GoFundme for a project to help the homeless. He originally was asking for 20,000, lowered it to 10,000. Approximately 1,000 was raised and then the gofundme was taken down. Never to be heard about it again.
  • Josh plagiarizes his inspirational quotes from other people. He gives zero credit and doesn't even use quotation marks. Also Josh stole an artist's Jesus design for one of his t-shirts he sold.[2]
  • He was caught changing the details of his miraculous faith healing incident where he claimed he prayed for a man who had been paralyzed for 20 years, then was able to walk. Problem was Josh posted the same video back in 2013, and he said the man was paralyzed for 3 years.[3]
  • Josh at one point was claiming that he canceled 50 suicides a day from people talking to him. No evidence required to show what bullshit that is but on his website you can donate $10, $20, or $50 to get your suicide cancelled.
  • Every single thing Josh has done containing scientific information has been filled with either lies or complete inaccuracies or just with outright retarded bullshit.
  • For reporting on how much of a con-artist he is after his stupid tantrum over Starbucks, Josh is going to sue the Daily Kos for libel. There are also other cases where he threatens to sue YouTubers over mirroring his deleted videos or talking about the camera he totally bought.
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Common Reactions

When people watch Josh's videos, they have one of two responses:


People Debunking Josh's Bullshit

Joshua Feuerstein The Motherfucking Opera01:39

Joshua Feuerstein The Motherfucking Opera

Joshua Feuerstein The Motherfucking Opera.


  • He is a gun nut, in the sense that he'd fuck guns instead of anyone else because that would be a sin.
  • He is contractually obligated to mention Hitler in every single video.
  • He's incredibly fucking lame. He calls his gun his "Freedom Trigger" because he believes his fatass could put up some form of resistance against the US Government attempting to become a dictatorship and also believes all his haters just "want to be him".
  • He believes in a variety of conspiracy theories. These include cancer research being big pharma, Homeland Security planning a genocide of Americans and a Christian holocaust coming soon. Walmart is somehow involved.
  • He's one of the morons that constantly uses the word 'literally' in place of 'practically', instead of meaning something actually happened.
  • Along with his scientific illiteracy, he has a poor grasp at history, believing the Nazis took over by force for instance.
  • Fred

    Josh's long lost brother.

    He believes "god" hates murder, unless "god" is doing the murder.
  • He surprisingly has managed to land a moderately hot wife, probably thanks to the money he scammed people out of and that ring with a huge diamond he just bought using that money.
  • Ben has suggested having Joshua over on DP one time. TJ and Scotty strongly objected.
  • He thinks the sun is the center of the big bang.
  • He is of German descent, with his surname translating to "Firestone", which also means "Flint" (his actual name should be Flintstone), which inspired the catchphrase "YABA DABA BUM"
  • H1 also is a descendent of Holocaust victims and is a self-hating Jew.
  • He is willing to say what other preachers are afraid to say: transgenderism is demonic (never mind that the statement has been said by The Vigilant Christian, Pat Robertson, Bryan Fischer, Joseph Martelli, Dawah Man, VenomFangX, Wild Bill, Steven Anderson, Theodore Shoebat, Ed Wellington, and Vladimir Putin, and these are just the people we have articles made for). We'll say what every other person isn't afraid to say: Feuerstein is a fucking idiot.
  • He lubs his gurn.
    Josh takes a very deep breath00:10

    Josh takes a very deep breath

    Despite Josh being an all American, gun toting indivijul, he secretly loves to get his mind-pussy fucked by god's pulsating black dick.
  • He is a common target for Atheist YouTubers because he gets the most views.
  • Many of Josh's family members have had fraud cases against them.[4]
  • Episode 147 featured a sermon by Feuerstein, appropriately filmed in portrait-mode.
  • He trains his kids to fight off atheists and homos with cheap Walmart airsoft guns.
  • He is about as tall as TJ and twice as fat.
  • He also thinks we should beat the retard out of our children if they have any mental problems, or starve them if they're gay.
  • The only person larger than him is the Jesuit behemoth Sara Avery.
  • Some have speculated that he is in fact Brett Keane's son. However these rumors have been dismissed on account of him not being nearly water headed or fat enough.
  • TJ has said that he can't listen to him at 2x speed, because of his fast speaking.
  • He is a very popular victim of the dreaded screenshot.


  • Josh Moronstein's 100 Kajillion Dollar Aunicornist Challenge
  • Yep.
  • Josh preparing to suck a cock.
  • His shirt he'd take off the second he was threatened.
  • This is what religion dying looks like...
  • Blaze it!
  • At the dentist.
  • About to get DPd
  • Beautiful.
  • The most pressing matters in his life.
  • The only reason Josh raises kids is to eat them. He can fattens them like domestic pigs, so when they're big and fat enough he can cut them down.
  • Those poor children.
  • Ummm...
  • Josh is packing... but not in the way he wishes...
  • Josh celebrating 60 lbs lost!!!!!
  • Somebody call a veterinarian because these puppies look sick.- Joshua Feuerstein
  • Ebony and Ivory
  • Josh when he was a baby.
  • Father of the year
  • Josh doing any sexual thing you imagine.
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