Joseph Stylin'

"Satan, Stalin. It's all the same thing."
Ben, trying to hide his Communism.

Joseph Stalin was the former leader of the USSR. He was almost defeated by his gay-lover-turned-foe Adolf Hitler in World War 2, only to be saved by the heroic intervention of good old America. Stalin eventually turned to the dark side and killed over 6 billion people or something. Many years later during the 80's he was was murdered in a boxing match with Ronald Reagan.


  • He is one of Ben's heroes. They may be related.
  • He had a fucked up shriveled right hand.
  • He had a huge cock.[1]
  • He was a furry.Now he's an otherkin Dragon.


  • Hitler and Stalin's wedding photo.
  • Stalin being badass.
  • Stalin getting ready to eat a baby, just like your average atheist.



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