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Full McIntosh 10 Hours09:59:57

Full McIntosh 10 Hours

"So I'm going to change that story a little bit. I'm gonna add something to it, I'm gonna take something away from it and I'm gonna create a new narrative, um, based on what I'm missing in the world."
—Pay no attention to the mangina behind the curtain!

Jonathan McIndouche (also known as King of the Manjinas and Josh) is Anita Sarkeesian's boyfriend platonic feminist ally and paradoxically a white, male, heterosexual, cisgender, high classed, abled man that self-flagellates himself every night; once for each of the above buzzwords. A man that barely ever emotes, let alone smiles, with a permanent soulless expression of somebody either seconds from weeping or seconds from shrieking like a pod person at Mercedes Carrera or another non-feminist woman. Yet another straight, white, cis, male feminist, trust fund baby telling all the other white straight yadda yadda yadda guys they're the scum of the earth, unless they accept the one true religion, Feminism. Though this one has figured out the cunning plan of usually using his partner in crime like The Wizard of Oz's giant hologram head.

He runs his own YouTube channel where the only video of notability was a remix of Buffy killing Edward from Twilight (which of course was intent on spreading a feminist message).


Though he hasn't been discussed a lot on the show, Ben has mentioned him a few times, mostly during conversation of Anita Sarkeesian. Only one of his videos have been covered, where he as well as a bunch of beta losers explain 25 reasons how unfairly privileged it is to be a white cis male gamer; about half looking like they're reading from a cue card with little to no emotion.

Those castrated manginas featured include; "Sock Puppet with a Sock Puppet" Tim Schafer, "Mr. I have every right to call you an asshole and find your fucking address and put it out there!" Adam Sessler, a few disingenuous hipsters with fake glasses, a token black guy to show they're not racist, and some guy that looks like Fez from That 70's Show with a huge Mario-like mustache.


The face he makes when thinking of Mercedes whipping him for his toxic masculinity.

He made another appearance in Episode 185, where Mercedes got a laugh out of him declaring how men can end sexism by being pussy-whipped bitches who blindly follow and never question feminism. Ironically, feminism has done nothing but expand sexism in modern society. McIntosh's presence was enough to make Mercedes laugh hysterically and reveal that he blocked her on Twitter for joking with him while trying to talk to him; so he's really saying to listen to the right women to end sexism.

To clarify: she tweeted to him that "video games are sexy" in response to his seventieth tweet about video games being sexist. This immediately earned her the reply of "Block." because he can't take a joke. Then when she was going to speak at a convention, he cried that she was a "literal harasser" that's been harassing and abusing him on Twitter for about a year. Sorry dude, but that bullshit lie doesn't work, unless the genders are reversed, or you're a manatee induvidul.

Patriarch of Feminism

He is heavily involved in the scriptwriting and planning of Anita's videos; making him the "brains" behind Feminist Frequency, and overall a complete hackjob. Like Ryan Wiley, his favorite form of communication is Twatter, where he posts ungodly amounts of nonsense daily and like Devon Tracey or Steve Shives, he'll block you at the drop of a hat for even insinuating he's wrong.
25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male05:02

25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

He and his fag bregade explaining how evil and privileged white male gamers are.

He's the patron saint of the McIntosh Scale. He is also a professional troll that just talks shit on twitter for attention and more oppression-ammo. His videos on stealing other people's YouTube videos- I mean "remixing" them to make his own narrative, have nothing to do with Feminist Frequency, not at all.

He was raised by his fundamentalist Christian millionaire mummy and daddy on an island that they own along with a hotel and several boats. Receiving no education until his 20's until he ran away with his trust fund money, getting indoctrinated by a crazy pro-Marxist professor and writing in an incredibly shitty blog with horrible spelling and grammar you would find in a third grader's Deviantart journal, presumably getting revenge on his parents by constantly bitching about the rich and eventually going full SJW with arguably his new alter ego, like a much lamer alternate universe Bruce Wayne; ironically he has a real hate-boner for Batman, saying he's a fascist. Also apparently going completely bonkers with PTSD during 9/11.

Other crazy exploits of pre-Feminist Frequency included:

  • Disrupting a lecture at a university wearing a stupid red bandanna and being dragged off by police.
  • Posting stupid articles and "remixes" (aka, stealing other people's work and putting them together with copyrighted music like a 2004 weeaboo with a Linkin Park song and torrented Naruto episodes) about how racist Willy Wonka is or how Batman is a fascist mascot; showing that in his crazed brain, he no longer can comprehend the human experience you might refer to as "fun".
So naturally he's a perfectly stable, honest and on-the-level person to guide the middle/high class armchair feminists that drool over his girlfriend's every syllable without question.
MacIntosh dad house

His humble childhood home. This is what would have happened to Richie Rich if he didn't die and become Casper.


"Nope, actually it’s never just a game. Everything has a message of some sort embedded. Fascinating that you somehow don’t think there’s any messages in Smash Bros. Start with violence solves conflicts."
—In response to somebody saying "Sometimes a game is just a game."
"Male video game protagonist bingo. You’re basically guaranteed to win every single time you play." [Stupid bingo sheet posted. Several replies, arguments and hundreds of blocks later...] "Dear clueless gamers replying to me: The point of Male Protagonist Bingo is not to win, the point is to illustrate limiting toxic patterns. Best part of seeing these bozos trying Male Protagonist Bingo? Their critical media literacy skills are so poor they keep missing easy wins."
—Being a bull baiting troll with a teleporting goalpost.
"To the 200+ new Twitter users I've added to my block list today. Welcome, you're in truly terrible company."
—Displaying his role as Steve Shives' mentor.
"People love to pretend “fantasy" and "reality" are separate, distinct, unrelated. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re entwined."
Mazes and Monsters is a far-out game.
"Okay I admit it. I started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - and it's kinda really good!" [Exactly one episode later involving a western theme...] "The "Native American Buffalo" My Little Pony episode is one of the most revisionist, racist & offensive things I've seen in a long time."
—Josh is not ready to claim his prize. Also he can't even praise something without a weasel word; it's a worse verbal tic situation than Brett Keane.

Literally what he approves of over Mad Max, Doom, and Avengers. You are now imagining his cold dead emotionless face watching this and jacking it - you're welcome.


  • He's garbage.
  • He's one of those douchebags that always tweets a freaking essay any time he has something to say. Always partitioned into an obnoxious amount of tweets that make absolutely no sense on their own. In other words, missing the whole goddamn point of Twitter messages being brief and snappy.
  • He's a rich fuck that once tweeted bitching about the spotty internet on daddy's private island.
  • He believes Avengers promotes toxic masculinity (his vocabulary equivalent to Brett Keane's situation individuals), Mad Max is patriarchal violence-promoting trash, and Batman promotes torture. But the anime Toradora!, where the love interest is barely-illegal jailbait is pretty sweet.
  • He's dedicated his life to social justice and making the world a better place, and of course the best way to go about it is by acting like a total prick on Twitter.
  • You can tell when he learns a new word or phrase because he runs off to Twitter and posts ten tweets in two minutes using the phrase at least once in each (he did it recently with "critical enjoyment").
  • He berated people for celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden... then celebrated the death of Christopher Hitchens.
  • Many people believe he is the "puppet-master" of Anita and Feminist Frequency, however, this seems unlikely as he is far too stupid to have master-minded a grilled-cheese sandwich, let alone a successful money-making scheme.
  • He has the creepy glazed-eyed, mile-long stare of a pod person or some kind of Reptile.
  • He has a total hate-boner for all things violent media, no matter what. From Saving Private Ryan, to Apocalypse Now, to Hotline Miami, to even Avengers Age of Ultron, Super Smash Brothers and Mad Max Fury Road; all of it is shit, because there's icky blood and icky boys in it.
  • He likes muddling his vocabulary with stupid contradictory weasel words like "kinda really" when he wants to mean "really", or "more than likely" when he really might kinda sorta kinda means "definitely".
  • He thinks the Muslim Terrorists that shot up Charlie Hebdo were well within their right to murder others, because they were offended.
    Mcintosh being a professional troll for attention.12:02

    Mcintosh being a professional troll for attention.. 22

  • As theorized in a stream with Sargon of Akkad and other fellow shitlords, Josh is so sex-nagative and self-hating that he wears oven mits in the shower, gets frequently DP'd by Anita's strap-on, and cries himself to sleep every night, staring at the penis he was cursed to bear.
  • Another popular shitlord theory, McIndoofus isn't some submissive magina that bends over to Anita in the bedroom. He wears the strap-on in the relationship!


  • Well at least he still has his privilege.

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