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"I'm atheist. Or agnostic, whatever. One of those. But yeah, I saw this. It's just stupid and sensationalist, I don't think most Christians would even agree with this article, lol."
―JonTron's opinion of his DP wiki article.
Jonathan "JonTron" Jafari (born 24 March 1990) is a popular YouTuber most well known for his satirical gaming/movie review channel, JonTronShow. He is also notable as the former co-host of the popular Let's Play channel, Game Grumps.

Unlike his mainstream brethren of Youtube, Jontron can actually be funny and creative. Despite this, his humor and writing are not as well done as Doug Walker's.


It became a meme among idiots in the chat to ask the peasants to get Jon on the podcast to which they eventually responded was unlikely being that JonTron is a much bigger channel who pretty much only makes videos about gaming. Jon does self-identify as an agnostic/atheist as stated on his Facebook account in November 2011.[1]

He also took on the anti-Gamer Gate crowd in an episode of some lousy podcast called The Co-Optional Podcast, starring an unfunny version of TJ, a British dude, and a talking cat.


  • TJ once claimed that JonTron sucked his cock.
  • JonTron and the Drunken Peasants both have the compulsion to shove down our throats like the worthless shills that they are.
  • JonTron is actually God.
  • JonTron is married to KaceyTron.
  • JonTron is the 2nd sexiest man alive, only being outmatched by TJ.
  • He recently revamped his channel to have an insanely high productive value, including live goats as guests.


  • JonTron realizing his plans to take over TJ's role as a host have been foiled.
  • A young Tron.
  • The return of JonTron
  • JonTron's reaction to BananaGate 2011.
  • Jon being hip to the kids.
  • Jon after reading the DP Wiki.
  • Reviewing an NES game with his bird, Jaques.

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  1. JonTronAtheist.png

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