Not to be confused with Jim Ass
"You're not the vigilant Christian, you're the vigilant fraud!"
—Jim A
Jim A is the genius mind who revealed to the world that The Viligant Christian Mario was in fact at the very top of the Satanic Illuminati.


He has appeared on DP briefly one time for episode 148, but was kicked off when Mario signaled his Illuminati connections by calling him a troll. It is unknown if Jim A survived the attack by Mario's Illuminati Agents, but he's worked his way out of harder jams in the past.


  • He's an ass. His name is Jim.
  • This is by no means Jim Ass. This is Jim A.
  • It is possible he is related to Jim Ass, due to the similar voice HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JIM ASS.
  • He was the first to pronounce the word illuminati correctly, saying: LLLOOMINATI.

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