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"Jesuits are racist and anti-Semitic and sponsored Adolf Hitler."
Gail Chord Schuler

The Jesuit Order is a group of Catholic monks. It was founded by St. Ignatius, Peter Faber, Pope Francis, and Satan in 666 AD. The current leader of the Jesuits is Zack Knight.

The Jesuits have a vendetta against Gail Chord Schuler and the Church of Gail.

Known Jesuits

Mind Control and the Church of Gail

"We can't prove the existence of sparks, but the Jesuits exist"
TJ Kirk
The Jesuits have an array of secret weapons that they use to control the human population, including the taser net, nukkake, pookake, Sentient Taco and Burrito, hyper-damper, mind inseminator, malware that can remove a man's penis and Bubba the Black Jesuit . They especially target the men on Gail's marriage list. They have to stay aboard the Church of Gail to avoid Jesuit activity.
JESUIT HYPERWEAPON heard in Bratislava, 19.900:32

JESUIT HYPERWEAPON heard in Bratislava, 19.9.2013,

Jesuit Hyperweapon heard in Slovakia

San Francisco Homosexual Compound

The San Francisco Homosexual Compound is a Jesuit-controlled facility where the Jesuits keep their homosexual members.

Here, Gail's men were tortured and raped. They were all mouth raped and dp'd while the remaining Jesuits slapped them with their penises. Matthew McConaughey received so much semen in his mouth that he was unable to speak for weeks. Gail details this in Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom.

The compound has since been destroyed, by an air strike from Church Of Gail. leaving Bubba the Black Jesuit as the only known survivor, All ten members of Bubba's fist ( save for Ginger bread ) were vaporized.

Bubba the Black Jesuit worked at this facility, possibly as it's leader shitting on people's faces, such as Hugh Jackman.


  • They all hate Pepsi Cola.[1]
  • You can visit their YouTube page here
  • Bubba, Ginger Bread, Kaiser Scotty, Clancy, Ben, And Zach Knight, are all members of the Jesuit High Council.




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