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"Tacos is what motivates me every day."
— JF reveals what keeps him awesome.[1]
Dr. Jean-François "J.F." Gariépy is a Canadian-American brain researcher who has been featured on the show multiple times. He holds a doctorate in neuroscience and was formerly a researcher at Duke University.[2] He is also the host of a YouTube show about neuroscience simply entitled,[3]


He was first featured as a guest in Episode 76 of DP. There, he met G Man in the Ultimate Creation Showdown of 2015.

JF has appeared multiple times on the Drunken Peasants. He is easily one of the most well-received guests that has appeared on the show. He is also one of few guests brave enough to ever traverse the lethal shit swamp that is the live chat.


He was born in Quebec, Canada, but was exiled when he displayed signs of not being a total douchebag and now resides in France. He claims to live in North Carolina, but that is just a lie crafted to make TJ look stupid. He has also stated that he wants to destroy Canada. He is a living kick in the nuts to the French-Canadian stereotype.


"Then I'd kick him in the balls... they're low hangers I hear."
—TJ Kirk talking about JF on Episode 157.

The debate in episode 76 began with JF presenting a bunch of science stuff or whatever. G Man rolled with the punches, mostly by just disregarding them altogether. G Man later compared JF to maize. JF ran off in shame. never to be seen again.

DP hosted Gariépy alongside creationism advocate Brian Young in a debate in episode 95. It was the most structured guest debate held on Drunken Peasants since it was operated by Mitch Craigs and Dan Stevens. The debate was, for the most part, scientifically oriented. It essentially illustrated the dichotomy between empirical and religious teleologies. JF presented the scientific refutation of all of Young's points while Scoopy sexually assaulted Ben. Young ended up having some similar arguments to G Man.

TJ had stated that JF would be featured in a monthly series of creationism debates. Episode 95 was the first of such debates. Although this plan was later scrapped in favor of having JF make regular guest appearances on occasion. TJ revealed that JF was intended to have debated Kent Hovind, although this was foiled when Hovind later declined the offer to appear on Drunken Peasants.

JF appeared during the latter half of episode 100 where he met Dusty Smith who he clearly had an admiration for. Many fans seem to think he was intoxicated during the show. He was one of few guests to interact directly with the fans in the live chat.

JF returned shortly after for episode 106, in which he "betrayed" TJ and revealed that he was a feminist and secret Sarkeesian apologist.

JF was present on episode 131 in which he used the powers of science to brutally destroy Atheism-is-Unstoppable. He later on talked about how he was impressed with the infallible science demonstrated by Gail Chord Schuler.

After a long hiatus, the coveted JF returned for episode 157. He discussed the beating of a dead kangaroo and how he didn't wish to get involved in the situation. He later challenged G Man to a rap battle live on DP and the peasants said they would try to make it happen. JF also played a major role in the episode by teaching TJ how to call Scotty "the egg bitch" in French.

In episode 179, JF kicked G-Man's ass in an epic rap battle. Even though his flow wasn't that great , he did manage to spit the superior rhymes.

JF appeared in episode 200 and immediately made a pass on AshleysEgo, telling her that Paul is a piece of shit and that JF is the real man. He then debated gTime Johnny about gTime, in which JF got owned like the little word slave bitch he is. He also told Jim Ass that it's not his fault, bringing the Dinoaur-kin to tears.

Future Appearances?

JF was one of the most well received guests on DP by the audience. Many fans, including God himself would like him to be an evolutionary biology correspondent for the show. DP had announced he would soon be debating some Creationist on the show. He offered to appear on the show 69 times a month, but the peasants thought that so much beauty in one month may be overkill.


  • He received a Ph. D. on the neural basis of respiratory and locomotor control at the Université de Montréal.[4]
  • He has revealed over Twitter that he is a puppet of the Illuminati.
  • He has resigned from his professor position at Duke University. [5]
  • He did state that he considers himself as feminist, although in the traditional sense (the much less obnoxious variety, who actually contribute to women's rights.)
  • He's the smartest man in the world.
  • He is the only known guest to ever have been on the Drunken Peasants to not have English as his first language, his first being French. He is however, fluent in both languages.[6]
  • He shows an incredible affection for the DP fanbase, and was one of the first supporters of the DP Wiki.
  • His AMA on Reddit, in which he discusses his profession, can be found here.
  • He has expressed some interest in debating TrueEmpiricism, proving his immense bravery.[7]
  • While he does not believe in the supernatural, he is interested by the idea of exterrestrial life, a topic which is explored in his book.[8]
  • He has a monopoly on the mayonnaise industry.[9]
  • His upcoming book, "The Revolutionary Phenotype", is expected to make 1,000,000,000 sales putting it third place in the all time sales list behind Brett Keane's masterpiece, "Eternal Undying Love", and some disgusting pile as asinine dogshit.
  • He stole a pair of Paul's aviators and entered the Matrix in preparation for Episode 200.
  • He's the only guest to not swoon over Johnny's charm.
  • Paul was quoted as saying "his flow is whacker than dog shit", but that his lyrics were good, in response to Creationist Cat's allegation that Gman won the rap battle.


"Fuck you nigger."
"I'm going to drill a new asshole up in this biatch."
—JF Preparing for the rap battle against G Man
"How does God think?"
—One of JF's simplest yet most hard hitting quotes.
"I don't care about being wrong. All my life I've been told I was wrong about so many things. But at this point I am so sure of myself that I say, "Well, I will advance in life just being convinced about what I gather from the world." And that's how I've been doing my entire life. So I guess that if I was to see God and he was in front of me saying, "You're wrong," I would say, "Well, fuck you!"."
"The idea that any behavior is free from genetic influences is simply ridiculous. Even when the specifics of the behaviors may seem to have been highly influenced by culture, the brain areas that have learned from culture and that have selected this behavior are adaptations, they have evolved to select that behavior from the plethora of cultural influences that one is exposed to in his life."
―JF when asked about a recent study regarding group violence among chimps.[src]
"I do not believe in supernatural stuff. For extraterrestrial life, I'm very interested in the question and my book explores part of this issue. I'm interested in the process by which life forms emerge. I have to say that before I wrote this book, I thought the appearance of life was an extremely rare event and I was convinced that the presence of other life forms in the universe was very unlikely."
—JF when asked about his take on the supernatural and alien life.
"You should be concerned. In fact, one of the species of primates seems on its way to take over the world. It may be too late already. They are so much better than the other primates: they can build roads, universities, and governments, and they know how to ruin the environment, and they don't care about it."
—When asked if he was afraid monkeys will take over the world.


  • JF doing science.
  • Doing an AMA on Reddit.
  • A younger JF.
  • JF seen doing an AMA on Reddit, presumably shown alongside a former colleague of his at Duke University.
  • The most beautiful man on the planet.


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