"Shamefur Dispray!"
—Ancient Japanese proverb.
Japan is an island nation located off the east coast of Northern Asia that fucked with America and paid the price! Japan is home to generally weird shit, notably a few commercials that the Peasants watched. Anime originates from here. Furries, weeaboos and bronies desire to live here to fulfill their sick sexual fantasies. The capital is Tokey-O.


Some of the strangest commercials from the Stupid Ad Segment have originated from Japan, including one about an anthropomorphic dog who tries to sell a young child potato chips. TJ has suggested that America may have fucked Japan up a little too badly with the G-Bomb in World War 2 while commenting on Japanese advertisements.

In addition, TJ is known to on occasion do a stereotypical Japanese accent, most usually while reading ads during the Crazy Craigslist Ads.


  • All weeaboos shall be shot. No exceptions.
  • The Supreme Leader of Japan, Satoru Iwata, passed away on July 11th, 2015. Gail is opening a programming college run by the Church of Gail in his memory.
  • The age of consent in Japan is 13, making it a popular tourist spot for Jared Fogle, Dusty, and The Beast.


  • Scotty & Ben as Anime
  • TJ as hentai
  • Getting rid of scum.

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