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Andrea "Dick" Hardie (known by her online pseudonym Janet Bloomfield) is a Canadian housewife and anti-feminist blogger, male supremacist and the social media director of A Voice for Misogyny.

She runs a shitty blog started in October 2012 by the name of JudgyBitch with her close friend "Princess Pixie Pointless" and was the most active person on the Twitter hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism prior to her account being suspended after offending the sensibilities of feminists who desire an open discussion, unless you're an MRA.

She has a penchant for assigning her relatives pet names when referencing them in her blog, and is up-front about her decision to be a stay-at-home mom (a disgusting profession indeed).


Janet appeared on the Drunken Peasants in a special edition podcast to have a debate with Feminist advocate, Tori Huit (formerly known as AwesomeRants). She made a couple decent points but her arguments in general were all over the place and pretty fucking stupid. The peasants have stated multiple times that she was by a large margin the worst received guest on the show. A lot of the negative reaction towards Janet was mainly due to her impudent attitude throughout the debate and the fact she labeled transgenderism as a sickness. Gender dysphoria is classified as a mental illness. Even transgendered blogger Blaire White said as much when she was on the Drunken Peasants as a guest. Who let the SJWs in here?

A video of hers was played on Episode 215 where she explained why women shouldn't vote because they're not in the draft or some shit.


  • TJ cited Bloomfield's article in his Elliot Rodger video regarding the claim that MRAs are the cause for Rodger's actions.
  • She has an undergraduate degree in Film Theory, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She bitterly regrets undertaking her Film Theory degree which she claims was where she familiarized herself with feminist theory.
  • Following her appearance on DP, Bloomfield clarified her stance on transgender people in a blog post where she claimed she views transgenderism as a chromosomal abnormality, comparing it to Turner Syndrome, that should be subject to proper medical treatment (gender transition) and shouldn't be treated as an "alternate gender" (something she considers cruel). She regretted calling them "sick".
  • Many people consider her a reprehensible piece of worthless shit.
  • Janet used to be pro-choice, though her opinion on abortion has changed and is currently "evolving". She now opposes late-term abortion.[1][2] [3]
  • Janet is in favor of same-sex marriage and adoption,[4][5] but believes religious business owners should reserve the right to refuse service to same-sex couples.[6] But she does think Kim Davis is a bullshiter [3]
  • She started a patreon account in hopes of raising enough money to buy a white crossbow to kill feminists with. No joke. [7]
    • Seriously. She's a life-long practitioner of the old art of archery who owns several bows and wants a crossbow in case a tumblrite comes to her house and poses a threat to her family and herself.
  • She regularly attends livestreams (referred to as killstreams) with The Ralph Retort, one of which featured Mercedes Carrera.
  • She's Canadian. You can probably tell by the issues she talks aboot.
  • Most of her videos are presented in her kitchen after working out at the gym with no makeup. She did this intentionally to show up Jessica Valenti who complained about being afraid to go outside without putting on makeup due to the patriarchy.
  • She's a Trump supporter.
  • Apparently she doesn't want women to vote.


"Producing the next generation of citizens IS the principle obligation of women."
I may be reading too much into this or misinterpreting it, but, I feel like this should be on here.[src]
"My take on the transgender issue is that it‘s a medical condition deserving of treatment at the discretion of the person who has the condition"
―Her view on transgender people.[src]
Feminist (AwesomeRants) vs52:46

Feminist (AwesomeRants) vs. MRA (Janet Bloomfield) (DP)

On DP.

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