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"I wouldn't recommend just trying to be cheap about things like this and getting a cheap toy, because, in my experience, they break."
—Jaclyn Glenn talking about all of the sex toys (and people's trust) she's broken.[1]

Jaclyn "Plagiarism" Glenn (born March 25, 1988) is a part-time atheist YouTube product and full-time plagiarist that hails from Hollywood, California.


"I bet you could find a slave on the black market for less than what Jaclyn fucking Glenn demands for a 30 minute Skype call."
Jesus Christ

Due to the implication that she has a vagina and all of the great content she got from actual smart people, Jaclyn became a popular figure among the atheist YouTube community along the lines of MrRepzion and CultOfDusty, even becoming an acquaintance to Richard Dawkins who inexplicably still promotes her on his website. She managed to get this far through her natural ability of parroting things said by smarter people and using her attractiveness to make it look as if it's fresh and interesting.

Jaclyn has also made appearances outside of the atheist community, appearing in television and mainstream YouTube channels. This gives religious users the opportunity to fap to her without coming across a difference of opinion. Not that Jaclyn is much of a deconverter.

She was once one of the closest allies of ԀP, but:
"It's over."
TJ Kirk

On Drunken Peasants

Jaclyn: "I'd love for one of y'all to pee on my face."
Ben: "Wow."
— Jaclyn's idea of humor.[2]

Being a former associate of TJ, Jaclyn has made a number of guest spots on the podcast. She has appeared in episodes 9, 16, 34, 46, 125, 158, 240. She was also intended to appear in the 100th episode, but never did.

Jaclyn has also been discussed on the show when Ryan Wiley criticized her, and a video on her by SyeTenAtheist was also played in episode 70.

Jaclyn has become a target of criticism by the likes of resident bitch, Ryan Wiley, who asserts that the only reason Jaclyn has achieved such success in the atheist community is for being an attractive young woman (not exactly false). This is ironically coming from a self-professed feminist.

When she was caught plagiarizing TheoreticalBullshit, she came on Episode 158 to discuss this with the Peasants. She violated the 8th commandment by lying straight to TJ's face when asked about whether she's plagiarized in the past. Further cementing her as a piece of shit.


Along with people's Facebook comments, Jaclyn has stolen the hearts of over 300,000 subscribers on her main channel. she mainly covers issues concerning religion and politics in 674 words per minute (only about a quarter of those words being her own).  Jaclyn specializes in creating derivative videos where she either reiterates something someone smarter said better, or she simply uses extremely generic atheist arguments that've been run into the ground years ago to counter extremely generic Christian arguments that've been run into the ground years ago. Her thumbnails are mostly of her looking surprised or happy with the title hanging in big colorful letters with overlayed images that she will usually have floating over her hands as if she's holding them. This is because they must be as repetitive and sameish as the video's content itself, familiarizing her audience with her rinse-and-repeat formula.

It has often been noted that Jaclyn will shove her bony hand up her scrawny ass and pull out facts about issues she discusses and pass it off as the truth.

That or she just explicitly plagiarizes.

Vlog Channel

Jaclyn's vlog channel, JaclynVlogs, consists or her and a bunch of millennial, whitebread douches doing random shit that no one cares about. The popular, and vapid, Youtuber named Tobuscus also makes appearances every now and then.

Music Channel

Jaclyn's music channel, Jaclyn Noel, is basically just her singing to songs that already exist instead of making her own original content (typical). It's surprisingly dull (like everything else she's done) despite her legitimate talent for singing. .


"Jaclyn Glenn is the end of the Human Centipede of atheism."
Atheist Roo's only intelligent statement.
The Jaclyn Glenn Plagiarism Scandal32:32

The Jaclyn Glenn Plagiarism Scandal

The history of Jaclyn Glenn

Controversy erupted when it was discovered that Jaclyn Glenn plagiarized another user's video about Kim Davis by the name of Theoretical Bullshit, repeating almost verbatim the content and delivery of his video in one of her own. Jaclyn came on DP in episode 158 where she took responsibility for copying the video. TJ had no problem with sternly voicing his disappointment over Jaclyn's action, proving that he's not just white-knighting her to look less misogynistic. TJ asked her in a straightforward and serious manner if any more instances of plagiarism exist , Jaclyn lied and falsley promised that this was the only instance of her doing this. As can be seen below, that clearly wasn't the case.

This isn't the first time Jaclyn has been found copy and pasting other people's words in her videos. She repeated paragraphs, word-for-word, by Facebook commenters on posts about issues she covered in her videos. Search up Hidai Moya and Dorothy Freeman for context.

Skepchick on her website revealed that in addition to the above Jaclyn also plagiarised various tweets and YouTube comments and used them in her material. Search up "Skepchick Jaclyn Glenn plagiarism" for further details.

In a recent set of revelations Devon Tracey a.k.a. Atheism is unstoppable with the aid of YouTuber johnsaysthings unearthed what can be described as a "Nuclear Bomb" of a revelation: Jaclyn Glenn had plagiarized renowned atheist Sam Harris word for word in one of her previous videos.

Devon rightly surmised by saying " Did you really think you could plagiarize the most famous atheist on the planet and no one would notice ? "

At this point it is anyone's guess in addition to the instances described above and enumerated below as to how many more instances of plagiarism are yet to be unearthed.

The following is an ongoing collection of instances of her plagiarism that have been documented. Click here for an ongoing playlist of these videos.

The Drunken Peasants viewed some of these in episode 164, and Jaclyn privately scorned TJ through Facebook for bringing attention to and discussing her plagiarism.[3] This is because they are "friends." TJ is willing to continue having amicable relations with her, as long as she stops stealing other people's shit (which isn't likely). She eventually stopped supporting TJ after Peasants fans kept exposing her for the thief she is.

"There was once was a lass from Nantucket... So fair and venerable was she, One day, she tested her luck with it, And plagiarized Facebook posts, This dissembling most displeased her hosts, So with noose and roast, "Fuck it!", They proclaimed "It's best ye kick the bucket!", And thus was the fate of the not-so-fair-and-venerable lass from Nantucket"
—The DP Wiki's Ode To A Disingenuous Scumfuck

She made a video addressing her plagiarism on October 21. The video simply stated that she plagiarized and that it's bad. She made no promise to un-monetize videos in which she plagiarized, credit the people she plagiarized, or stop plagiarizing in the future. It is entirely possible (and given how much she seems to rely on plagiarism, quite likely) that she has no plan to cease her plagiarism.

Neverthefuckingless, she still manages a shit ton of subscribers and the number continues to grow. Well done, Jaclyn. You've secured your fame despite fucking a bunch of people over to do it. Due to her weaseling her way into people's hearts and groins, numerous people have made excuses for her actions. Most notably was Dusty Smith, who outright denied that she plagiarized at all, even though she totally admitted to doing it. These excuses are quite interesting to read. Here are some examples:

  • Exhibit A: The "Overly-Complicated-Too-Much-Effort-Put-In-Denial-Of-Plagarisim-Despite-Her-Admitting-To-It"
  • Exhibit B: The "Pffft-It's-No-Big-It's-Only-YouTube-(Where-She-Makes-Money-Off)"
  • and Exhibit C: The bewildering "Stahp-Being-Mean-She's-So-Cool!"

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