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The Drunken Peasants Intro is the video played at the beginning of most shows. There are currently four standard intros, one special intro used in Episode 100, and a placeholder used once while DP was searching for a new one when the creator of the first three standard intros, DaveCreator, decided to fuck DP.

The Current Intro

The new intro was created by a YouTuber named 0hai. It mostly uses the audio of the original DaveCreator with some additions and being set to whole new dynamic animation, which pretty much blew any of the other intros out the water and brought back the sultry voice of Tim Black. It was introduced on episode 171.

Drunken Peasants Podcast Intro FINAL01:16

Drunken Peasants Podcast Intro FINAL

DaveCreator Intro Trilogy

The original three intros were made by fan DaveCreator. They were well received by the fans, but Dave eventually betrayed the peasants by talking shit about them. This caused them to adopt a new intro.


Drunken Peasants - Intro - 101:24

Drunken Peasants - Intro - 1.0-0

Originally the Drunken Peasants had an audio only intro for the first five months of the show's lifespan. In May of 2014 DaveCreator created a music video for Megaman 3 Intro MetalRem, a popular track often used during breaks. After sharing the video on the Drunken Peasants Facebook Ben asked him to create a video to accompany the audio intro. On May 28, 2014 DaveCreator uploaded the intro to his YouTube channel. It was first used on Episode 29 featuring Thunderf00t and G Man.

Intro 1.0 featured an assortment of clips from the show as well as a few other sources, a rotating background comprised of the iconic Drunken Peasants banner, animated flames and bars in sync with the sound, and a custom logo. Note this is the only intro to not insert audible video clips. 


Drunken Peasants - Intro - 201:27

Drunken Peasants - Intro - 2.0-0

On October 7, 2014 DaveCreator uploaded the second intro which was first used on Episode 44.

Intro 2.0 featured several improvements including new video clips, refined audio for the iconic Dazed And Confused bit so the film's music is less noticeable, lens flares, and an animated background wave. At the end of the intro Bill O'reilly shouts "fucking thing sucks!"


On May 26, 2015 DaveCreator uploaded the third Drunken Peasants intro. Completed during the Drunken Peasants European Trip, this intro was first used on Episode 116 after their return. Intro 3.0 by far had the longest development time out of any previous intro, three months as oppose to 1 1/2 weeks on Intro 2.0 and 1 week on Intro 1.0.
NEW - Drunken Peasants - Intro - 301:40

NEW - Drunken Peasants - Intro - 3.0

New features and improvements include new video clips, new video boxes to display said clips, multiple clips being played at once, a mesh between blue and orange on the animated background waves and flames, updated lens flares, hand drawn caricatures of Ben, TJ, and Scotty, and 3D text. At the end of the intro, the rapper Nate Dogg shouts "Smoke weed everyday!"

Intro 3.0 was positively received. At the beginning of Episode 116 PaulsEgo stated "That new intro rocked my fucking world off", while TJ facetiously predicted the future by remarking that it "didn't feel like the Drunken Peasants" and that is was "horrible".

In July of 2015 DaveCreator revealed his plans to make updated versions of intro 3.0 in which new clips would be used. On July 14 the first new variation Intro 3.1 dropped. However, it was never used, as the Peasants continued to use intro 3.0 until the DaveCreator incident of October 2015. There will never be another DaveCreator made intro.

Placeholder Intro

Between the final use of the DaveCreator intro on episode 162 to the debut of the new intro on episode 171, two placeholder intros was used. On episode 163, the Peasants reused the Episode 100 intro. However, a new one was used on episode 164, with the proper theme song. It begins against a brown background with an orange audio scope on the bottom for the introduction and with various DP related clips being played afterwards. However, that intro was dropped for the Episode 100 intro on episodes 165 to 170.

Drunken Peasants Episode 100 Intro

On episode 100 of the Drunken Peasants a specially made intro was used. It was the first intro not produced by DaveCreator. It was produced by xGiBbYv, creator of the overlays and other graphics work for the Drunken Peasants and the creator of all of the Rage Feed graphics. They also created the fake intro for Episode 102 and the Peasants Zone intro for Episode 148.

Episode 100 Intro featured an assortment of clips from the show and a completely different music track. The intro was inspired and a parody of the Raw Is War intro to wrestling show WWE Raw back in the 90's. Even using the same soundtrack.

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