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Hillary Rotten "I'm a Beta-Bitch" Clinton, aka Wall Street's Crack Whore, is a carpet-muncher, fascist woman and stinky cunt who wants to become corporate-dictator of America. She is married to the first black president, Bill Clinton. She is a master shill with the ability to change her political views at the speed of money. She also did Benghazi in the ass.


List of Appearances

Being a prominent flesh eating lizard politician, videos about her are often played on the podcast. Primarily about her being an entirely bought and sold candidate, her sham of a campaign, and conservatives literally and figuratively taking a shit on her.

The Drunken Peasants support Bernie Sanders' campaign for president, in opposition to Hillary's bid to steal the nomination.

2016 Election

Main Article: 2016 Presidential Election

Despite being a center-right corporate-loving oligarch she is the most popular candidate thus far for 2016. Some people believe know that there are more sensible candidates who, sadly, will not be elected. TJ, in his redneck voice, called her the "Queen of America". He said, seriously, that she has an 85% chance of winning the election.

In recent months, Hillary Clinton is still the dominant candidate but has been gradually losing support like in the 2008 Election. Her most recent rival is Bernie Sanders, who is currently leading in polls at critical mass. She's currently neck and neck with Bernie and barely edged him out in two states, Iowa and Nevada, while Bernie won New Hampshire in a landslide.

TJ's Videos

True Identity

It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton is actually a robot sent by Aliens that adapts to any mainstream political environment. Once she will be in presidency she will take over the world and suck the brains out of every SJW blind enough to vote for her.
Shill it00:23

Shill it


  • You should vote for her because vagina and 9/11.
  • She quite literally got cucked by Monica Lewinsky.
  • Although running for Democratic nominee in the 2016 US Presidential Election, she was actually a member of the Republican Party prior to 1969.
  • She was against gay marriage as recently as the 2012 election, but that doesn't stop her voters from thinking she's a huge advocate for the LGBT movement.
  • She hates video games.
  • She hates puppies, kittens and honesty.
  • She's fucking garbage.
  • Her husband didn't swallow.
  • She's just chilling in Cedar Rapids.
  • She's a literal cuck.



50 shades of Hill.

  • Well, fuck all those dead soldiers.
  • Her shit eating grim.
  • Before 3 hours of makeup.
  • Damn girl
  • One sexy motherfucker

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