"Only Muslims with vaginas can discuss or even promote Feminism in the Muslim World. You know, like me "
— He-Man Mahatma Gandhi's Logic when bashing the most beautiful man in the world.

Hemant Mehta (also known as the Friendly Atheist) is an atheist who fucking hates Dusty. He was formerly a Jainist before becoming atheist. He is famous for selling his soul on eBay. He runs a blog and a semi-popular YouTube channel named The Atheist Voice. His name suggests that he is a capitulating pussy who likes to take it up the butt from political correctness, although he's not completely PC. Despite being a pretty decent guy and reasonably good YouTuber, Mehta is very pussified in his nature, most notably in his vocabulary, which is devoid of 'bad' words such as: Fuck, cum guzzler, nigga, shit, fag8, which are used almost never. He also once mentioned he's a high-school math teacher, so this might be a reason why he's so restrained and pussified.  

9 Things Atheists Should STOP Saying14:38

9 Things Atheists Should STOP Saying

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