"There is good and evil, therefore God!"
—Hamza Tzortzis

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is a Muslim radio host who hosts an Islamic talk show. He was featured on Episode 138 where he tried to disprove The Big Bang, his arguments were filled with logical fallacies and inconsistencies. He also debated Lawrence Krauss during the The Atheism vs Islam "debate".  The debate turned out how you think it would, Lawrence Krauss kicked Hamza's smarmy ass with ease.


  • His name is fucking ridiculous, he sounds like a sci-fi character.
  • He is a terrorist.
  • The name is pronounced as if you were trying to say "Mom is a whore, see." while yawning.
  • He often engages in sperm-drinking bukkakes with his fellow Jihadi, Dawah Man.
  • Hamza and Dawah Man have both been decimated by Lawrence Krauss (not that anyone is surprised).

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