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"Drunken Peasants were the most evolved on the Internet. They found me!"
―gTime Johnny
G-Time Johnny (real name Johnny Merrill) is a YouTuber, artist, inventor and natural law philosopher who lives in the wilderness of Northern California with a family of critters.[1] He spends his days espousing a unique worldview that only the enlightened few fully understand (often while naked).


In his videos, Johnny regularly advocates "rising above recorded language" and in favor of "thinking with objects".[2] His origin is a heatly debated topic among scientists and historians, many believe him to be a forest spirit dissatisfied with humanity's new founded dependence on technology, civilization, and history, and wishes to return humanity to its natural roots. Others believe him to be an aged Bill Hicks, from an alternate reality where his comedy elevated to a point where all world wars stopped and humanity embraced itself as part of the universe.

Johnny's revolutionary ideas have been shown numerous times on the Drunken Peasants Podcast and is easily the coolest dude that has ever been on the show. He takes good care of his animals, which pisses off people who want to rape and murder animals. He also may be the greatest man of our era.

gTime Johnny also has his own website System Design Literacy. Here you'll find all sorts of helpful information about Identity, Behavior, and State.

On Drunken Peasants


Johnny tells it like it is.

Johnny made his Drunken Peasants debut at the beginning of Episode 88 with a video entitled "I'm gTime Johnny An Arousal Of Humanity."

On Episode 102, the Drunken Peasants began to understand what gTime and Catholic Time really are. [3]

gTime Johnny's videos were featured in all three episodes of the Drunken Peasants during the third full week of April 2015. This includes Episodes 108, 109, and 110. On Episode 110, Johnny thanked the Drunken Peasants for fighting Catholic Time Terrorists. Sargon of Akkad claimed that Johnny might be a modern prophet, but has his doubts because of the fact that Johnny makes videos without wearing pants.

Johnny appeared as a guest on the 116th episode of the DP. He converted everyone on the podcast to his philosophy. Paul was a little skeptical, but ended up being convinced as well.

Johnny made his second appearance on Episode 200 where he debated JF on the philosophy of gTime. Paul also explained gTime to everyone in a simplistic and understandable way.


Screenshot 2015-06-09-13-32-28-1-1-

His philosophy illustrated.

"If you can be insulted with language, you are animated by language."
―G Time Johnny
The study of gTime Johnny's philosophy is gTimejology. Please contribute to this section if you are a gTimejologist to make this more accurate.

The main idea of the philosophy is that one, whom is born a Word Slave in these modern times (which is bad - this seems to be an idea of an original sin), must transcend Recorded Language and embrace gTime.

To break it down in a bulleted list:

  • There are man-objects (created by people) and earth-objects (exist naturally) 
  • The problem is that people use the same kind of words for these two different classes
  • We need to set our minds free from word-slavery by doing these two things, by
  • 1. Making a clear distinction between the two classes in our head
  • 2. Stop identifying with certain labels (e.g American, christian, atheist)
  • By following these steps and setting our minds free, we become native citizens of the earth. The plan is to make all humans on earth native citizens. This plan is called G-timers of the tech age
  • If enough people submit to "G-timers of the tech age", all wars will end within 20 days. [4]

gTime Johnny creating the gTime with his disciples.

List of gTimejologists

Feel free to add yourself to this section if you have a somewhat decent knowledge of gTime Johnny's philosophy. Side note: You do not have to accept GTime Johnny's philosophy as true to be a gTimejologist.

  • Johnny Merrill, aka gTime Johnny (Founder)
  • PaulsEgo[5]
  • The Gerudo Dragon
  • Thomas Atkinson, aka gTime Tommy. 
  • Evan Sweggins, aka gTime Sweggins 
  • Lazar Gruev, aka gTime LazarheaD 
  • Joe7155, aka gTime Joe 
  • Carter271, aka gTime Carter 
  • CocoaBunny, aka gTime Cocoa 

Dictionary of Terms

These terms are used when gTime Johnny tries to explain his interesting worldview. Please contribute and add on to entries if you're a gTimejologist!

A gTimejologist's Take on Earth/Man Objects

"Earth objects are for example trees, stones, brothers, rain, bees, death, flesh, mother, hunger, illness, birth, and so on. Man objects are for example god, yesterday, VAT, authority, now, contract, property, parliament, compensation, certificate, executive, nation, conservative, law, and so on...

Another term instead of "objects" could be - in the linguistic sense - signs. A sign consists of the signifier, for example (the word) "tree", and the signified, i.e. the meaning of "tree". From this distinction logically follows the man/earth objects distinction: An earth object is a sign (a word) which signifies something from the natural world (the Real). Contrary, a man object is a sign which signifies other signs of the the symbolic world (the Symbolic). In other words, a man object doesn't have a direct semantic link to something from the nature of our planet, but to yet another word in the symbolic cosmos of the human mind, hence Johnny coined the term "word slave"Inbred Slave Monkey." [6]


Short for "Galileo time", which is opposite to "ManTime". It should be noted that it is written as "gTime," despite some peoples' insistence to spell it as "G Time" or "GTime." Johnny said in Episode 116 that it is also a short for "Giordano Bruno time". It possibly refers to the age of the universe which is about 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years. According to the description of one of Johnny's videos, which is below, obtaining EarthTime Objects and ManTime Objects creates gTime.


ツ gTime =

/|\ EarthTime Objects

/ \ ManTime Objects [7]


Possibly refers to the age of the Earth which is about 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years.


If you only have this, it seems you are a robotic shell of a human being. You're not living if you only have this, and need to rise above recorded language, which created this in the first place. [8]

Recorded Language

Something one who is a Word Slave must rise above. It creates unnatural actions. This possibly refers to all the languages in the world, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, etc.


The natural method of action. Not to be confused with Recorded Language.


Gtime johnny object

"What makes up an object?"

According to gTime Johnny's website, "ObjectThinking decodes the human experience." This allows one "to transcend time like music and math."
Quotes about ObjectThinking from gTime Johnny's Website
  • "Tyranny is more organized than freedom at first. ObjectThinking organizes freedom and takes it back forever"
  • "ObjectThinking Progression identities the behavior and state of the BasicObjects. Yet the framework decodes Objects of everyday life."
  • "ObjectThinking is Object Oriented Programming, how we program computers, applied to the human mind. ObjectThinking uses technology to amplify our nature."
  • "A well written computer program can be handed off to another programmer and they can grow it, add to it, adapt it. ObjectThinking does it on a generational level."

Literacy Objects

Refers to the only two classes of objects - EarthTime Objects and ManTime Objects. Also portrayed as "LOD," or Literacy Object Drawings, which represents the aforementioned dichotomy.

Word Slave

One who only comprehends ManTime objects.

There's no reason to put this on here, but there's a good chance it may be somehow connected.

Catholic Time

Time that belongs to people who are less than recorded history and think from the 2015 paradigm. It can also be attributed for people who think of language instead of objects. It basically refers to the Gregorian calendar.

Recorded History

History that has only been recorded by humans. It is recorded with Recorded Language. To recover from the side effects of Recorded History, one must reinstall language in one's mind based on Man Objects and Earth Objects. [9]


A gradient which dictates how far one is dissociated from only understanding ManTime Objects and closer to reaching and comprehending gTime.


  • Suzie is somewhat evolved.
  • The Drunken Peasants are the most evolved.
  • Jack is not evolved. He is a Word Slave.

2015 Paradigm

Emotional Grunts

Words in a Recorded Language that one has an emotional attachment to. These divide you from the Earth and are ManTime Objects. [10] It is also referred to as "eGrunta" or "emotional grunta", which is a virus that is programmed when we are children, which is described by gTime Johnny as a shift.[11][12]


  • American Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Any national anthem.
  • "Oh great and merciful Allah."
  • "Jesus Christ, our lord and savior!" or more simply, "Jesus."

Reinstalling Language

"You are not naked when you take off your clothes you still wear your religious assumptions, your prejudices, your fears, your illusions, your delusions. When you shed the cultural operating system then, essentially, you stand naked before the inspection of your own psyche...I think we should all aspire to make this upgrade...." -Terence McKenna[13]

Something one does to recover their native behavior. [14]


According to gTime Johnny's website, "feelings are a mechanical calculation." One can get electrical shocks from them, and, with practice, one can apply those shocks.


According to gTime Johnny's website, an EMI is "an Observable Mental Disorder installed with literacy."


According to gTime Johnny's website, "the sharing of attributes and operations among classes in a hierarchical relationship."


GTimers of the TechAge Innovators13:12

GTimers of the TechAge Innovators

  • "Trust yourselves, don't care about humans of the past. You are the one thinking, and you think with objects from earth time and man time based on inheritance. You don't need language to think, and we all become global citizens."
  • "Computer programmers already think like wild animals."
  • "I used to be a four-legger but then when the big rift happened I picked up a stick."
  • "Children are more evolved than us."
  • "There's a dichotomy. The heart, the mind, every cell in me in catastrophe. We gotta be real, man."
    How To Word-Masturbate...00:58

    How To Word-Masturbate....

    Word Masurbating

  • "It's time for word masturbation! Verbal ejaculation: Begin! God! God! God! Allah! Allah! Allah! Oh, Jesus! Jesus! Oh, I'm a Christian! Oh, I'm a Muslim! I'm a word ejaculator! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Wait: there's a whole 'nother bunch of religions. OH! AMERICA! RUSSIA! CHINA! Oooh, oooh, ooh, I'm Chinese, I'm American, I'm Russian. I'm Muslim. Oh my gosh. Oh, oh oh, OH OH OH OH. Oh, verbal ejaculation. Oh, word masturbation! OOOOOOOOOH! I LOVE YOU FRIENDS! OOOOOOOOH!"
  • "I don't rescue St. Bernards. They rescue me."
  • "Atheist could not change a light bulb, because they would blow up."
  • "I was raised by dogs."
  • "I'm the most evolved man on Earth."
  • "...and Tesla was like, 'Cool, way, rock on!'"
  • "... I love you guys, buh bye!!!"


Johnny has basically what can be described as a Disney movie of a home where critters and wildlife of various different species live in harmony together with Johnny who loves them dearly (but not that way). Johnny appears to have a collection of multiple cats, dogs, birds and one mule. Here are the ones that have been identified.


One of gTime Johnny's dogs. She was a St. Bernard and a diva. She died in August, 2015. Cause surrounding a wounded/infected leg. Specifics undisclosed.


Another one of Johnny's dogs and also a St. Bernard. He is a male.


The newest St. Bernard of Johnny, she (allegedly) is Ruffy's daughter. According to Johnny, she is The Boss and owns the outside.


Bay is the best Fetcher of Johnny's friends despite being blind due to diabeetus.

Jenny Halfass

Jenny is Johnny's mule. He posted a video in which the two of them became one. She is not to be confused with the woman of the same name, although we understand perfectly well how hard it can be to tell the difference visually.

Since the first time gTime and Jenny were seen together on the show, the Peasants had had the sneaking suspicion that the two were fucking. This lead to TJ finally asking Johnny outright during episode 200, to which gTime responded that he had not, but that he "had thought about it". Jenny was also heard crashing around inside Johnny's house during that episode.


One of his cats. She is easily frightened, and doesn't like cat food.[15]

Lovie aka Clawdia

Another of Johnny's cat's, she is a fierce warrior and will kill any pathetic creatures that approach her.


Racer is a snake named for his speed, Racer is probably actually many snakes with the same name.

Stunt Kitty/Shadow Cat

A hyperactive feline you could probably catch in a freeze frame in one of his videos. Johnny has stated that her name "changes depending on what she's doing".

Role Model

gTime Johnny's role model is a man named Alan Kay. gTime Johnny admires him for his pioneering work on object-oriented programming.

He also admires Plato's work, which was introduced to him by his father. Plato's Allegory of the Cave is used to describe Native Object Logic and the understanding of gTime, the cave representing human time.[16]

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool” -Plato

George Carlin Theory

Some fans of the show theorize that gTime Johnny is actually George Carlin. According to this theory, George Carlin did not die in 2008, but rather faked his death, changed his name to Johnny Merrill, and left to live in the wilderness. After years of isolation, his insanity grew and he now believes the personality of the 'Hippy-Dippy Weather Man' is his true persona.



Johnny without a beard

  • Johnny was once married for several years, until The Vigilant Christian Mario's muscular build convinced his ex-wife to sleep with him instead of Johnny. She later dumped Mario when she found out he was a faggot.
  • Johnny is not mentally ill in any way and totally has everything figured out.
  • He lives in the mountain wilderness in rural California the hearts and minds of everyone and everything and every cell.
  • His crazy ramblings make an awesome Techno Song.
  • TJ finds Gail's kookiness more coherent.
  • He has one amazing beard.
  • As we speak, he is fucking his horse saving the world from word slavery.
  • He appeared on a livestream with Evan Lefavor and Patrick Coleman in which he stated that he does indeed smoke pan. [1]
  • He sometimes uses white boards to translate his ideas
  • Only Paul can truly understand Johnny's incoherent ramblings
  • He should colaborate with Beck , his lyrics would really fit in with some of Becks 90's work
  • He recently shaved his beard and has lost some of his philosophical insight in the process.



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