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Grendel is the cutest pug ever to exist and graces Holly and TJ with his majestic adorableness. He has starred in several Amazing Atheist videos as well as some cameos in the actual podcast. Grendel now lives with Holly after her divorce with TJ. It is said that being deprived of Grendel's amazing cuteness, TJ cuts himself every night in the shower, crying for hours.


Grendel is named after the beast in Beowulf. In the ancient Saxon epic, the character rapes the entire cast of Drunken Peasants simultaneously.

Grendel's nemesis is Scotty's dog, Yujiro.


The most exposure that Grendel ever received on the channel was during "The Drunken Peasants Cookout" video in which Ben and Holly played with him... or abused him if you're a fucktard.

Creationist Cat

Despite being members of different species, Grendel is secretly in a homosexual inter-species relationship with Creationist Cat. This is not known to the public, as Creationist Cat is able to hide this relationship by pretending to be sexually attracted to human women. When asked about this relationship, CC claimed he was only giving Grendel the Heimlich maneuver.


  • He is about 7 years old.
  • It is theorized that Grendel is a reincarnation of TJ. Living to serve himself in his past life.
  • Grendel is in fact the cutest canine-like creature ever to live, and has transcended the title of "pug", he is now suspected to be some kind of adorable demi-god.
  • Grendel preaches a pug gospel, seen here.
  • Grendel died from eating chocolate before 2013, but was resurrected as a vampire.
  • Grendel can win two staring contests at the same time.
  • Holly owned Grendel before meeting TJ. He cost around $1100, but Holly only made the first 2 payments.
  • Grendel is actually Grendel LXXVIII, because as a huge stoner, TJ could never remember to feed his pets.


  • Woof woof, motherfucker.
  • Lap dog.
  • Begging dog.
  • Grendel can draw and write.
  • Pondering.
  • Up close and personal.
  • Mariachi pug
  • Sleepy.
  • Grendel is possessed by demons.
  • Bandanna!
  • Cuteness overload.

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