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"Was Jesus Christ crucified on a pyramid underneath the flying saucer?"
Gorilla199 was an English conspiracy theorist who believed in several nutjob theories including that Jesus Christ was crucified on a pyramid underneath a flying saucer. He's had a long running online rivalry with TJ and has even challenged him to a physical brawl. He has in return been challenged to a chainsaw decapitation duel in which the first to be beheaded wins.

On April 12th 2016, someone posted to the Gorilla199 youtube channel that Gorilla199 had died. The cause of death was not specified. We as a community are expecting a tribute to this glorious youtuber, for he was only a middle-aged man.


He has been discussed on the Drunken Peasants multiple times and his videos have been played as well. One video was played of him assaulting a random innocent tree, claiming for it to be a pagan god, and then posting a bullshit Bible verse to justify it.

TJ started a contest to honor Gorilla199 memory, the contestants have to do a tribute video for this middle age man who died too soon.


"TJ, you're a middle-aged man!"
—Gorilla199 thinking someone in their early thirties is middle-aged when he's an old fuck.
"The crown of thorns which was placed on Jesus Christ's head was not just a crown of thorns, it was a disc, with horns. It's a horned disc."
—Trying to compare Jesus' crown of thorns to a flying saucer.


  • The Gorilla 199 bumper for the DP Music Breaks.
  • Forgetting to turn off his Porn
  • After killing a Pagan Demon
  • Getting his dick sucked by Hitler.

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