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GirlDoesRant, also endearingly referred to by fans as The Girly, is an atheist YouTuber and fan of the Drunken Peasants.


GirlDoesRant makes interesting and quality content, but she also has impressive tits, so the average DP fan doesn't hear a word she says.

On Drunken Peasants

GirlDoesRant frequently comments on Drunken Peasants episodes and on the Live Chat.

She was a guest in episode 162. Her appearance required the peasants to properly filter her voice like in her videos, she was planned to have been a guest much earlier in the show's lifespan.

On Amazing Atheist

GirlDoesRant has made two guest videos on TJ's main channel during his absences.[1][2]


  • 5-0

    GirlDoesRant having a wild party with TJ

    She is probably a member of the Illuminati [3] (or the Illuminaughty[4]).
  • She's pansexual.
  • She thinks Creationist Cat is sexy. [5]
  • She enjoys Mercedes Carrera's appearances on the Drunken Peasants. [6]
  • She also has done "very intense and dedicated research" on Mercedes Carrera, just as Ben has. *wink* [7]
  • On that note, we need a GirlDoesRant x Mercedes Carrera video.
  • Lastly on the topic of sexuality, she gets off to people admiring her breasts, so it's a win win!
  • She should stop attacking Brett Keane's family. [8]
  • She has been trying to get on the podcast for sometime before her guest appearance. She eventually did when she got a live voice modulator to sound like she does in her YouTube videos.
  • She is actually TJ in drag.
  • She is a supporter of the DP Wiki, proving she has good taste.


  • A comparison between her old and current mask.
  • Seen doing rant.
  • BeyondPhere's fan art of GDR, Oooh, feck yeah!
  • Her newest mask without the owner.
  • Celebrating Spooktober.

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