"I will!"
—Ginger Kid's response to "lick my butthole".
Bubba's boyfriend was an effeminate ginger kid who was known for dating Bubba the Black Jesuit.

His most notable feature was that he was a ginger, meaning he was a soulless child of Satan, which made him perfectly compatible with Bubba.


Bubba and his boyfriend went on a date when some of Gail's men were looking for Waldo. He thinks licking buttholes is "so romantical".

Gail received a letter saying that Bubba's boyfriend was a chubby chaser, and since Bubba has lost weight on a fat farm they have broken up. However, as Bubba lost only a small fraction of his blubber, it was later discovered that he still lived with Bubba,

On November 27 2015, he was brutally cannibalized alive by Sara Avery, causing Bubba to have a nervous breakdown. The men of the Church Of Gail consoled Bubba, making him get right.


  • Gail thinks he was a potential rape victim of Bubba, even though Bubba and his boyfriend were madly in love.
  • It is speculated that he's the bottom, and Bubba's the top.
  • TJ speculated that it may be possible that he survived being eaten by Sara Avery, and currently still lives within her. However, this is likely just wishful thinking.
  • He is also known as "Gingerbread"* He was the Court Martial of the Jesuit Order, and the highest ranking member of the elite task force, Bubba's Fist.
  • The Ten members of Bubba's Fist are the individuals responsible for the Rape of Hugh Jackman, and other Church Of Gail individuals.

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