Friedrich Nietzsche was a philosopher extraordinaire who is among TJ's favorites. TJ actually read some Nietzsche when he was a teenager. Nietzsche is considered to be one the most important philosophers of today and maybe in all of history as well. His ideas were to do with transcending our social conditioning and to pursue our truths and to become the Übermensch (what all humans should strive to be: to be more than themselves and to be beyond conventional morality). He was extremely critical of Christianity in particular, as he felt it stifled people with overbearing and neurotically repressive mandates in the name of a false righteousness.

Many people have misconceptions about Nietzsche and his philosophy. Mostly Christians act really butthurt about the things he said about their stupid fucking religion and irrationally claim he was a nihilist (even though he accuses Christianity of being nihilistic and he also criticised nihilism). Many people think he was a big influence on Hitler's beliefs, even though Nietzsche's Hitler fangirl sister was the one who altered some of his writings after he died in 1900 to try and get Hitler to fuckin' bang her.

Friedrich penned his works an exceedingly prolific rate of one complete work per year, an impressive feat given each one's depth and comprehensiveness. Not to mention he did so in spite of being plagued with severe and agonizingly chronic migraines and fevers amongst other normally mentally crippling ailments. In doing so he demonstrated a remarkable cognitive fortitude that most are not gifted with.

Atheists can relate to him because he had $100.


  • The Greek Music Drama (1870)
  • The Greek State (1871)
  • The Birth of Tragedy (1872)
  • On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense (1873)
  • Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks (1873)
  • We Philologists (1874, published posthumously)
  • Untimely Meditations (1876)
  • Human, All Too Human (1878)
  • The Dawn (1881)
  • The Gay Science (1882)
  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883)
  • Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
  • On The Genealogy of Morality (1887)
  • The Case of Wagner (1888)
  • Twilight of The Idols (1888)
  • The Antichrist (1888)
  • Ecce Homo (1888)
  • Nietzsche contra Wagner (1888)
  • The Will To Power (unpublished manuscripts maliciously altered by his sister Elisabeth to fit her anti-Semitic worldview)

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