"...Well...I guess I know where we stand."
—Fish Head's response to TJ's mocking.
Jack, the Fish Head is one of many cringe-worthy patreon guests who nearly ruined the 100th Episode Special.


Fish Head had no personality or anything to offer to the show besides being a fish head on a human body with a cunty Australian accent and the most awkward conversations with the peasants.

On Drunken Peasants

Paul and the peasants basically mocked him the entire show, fitting for a waste of space like himself.

Thankfully, the peasants kicked him off when they realized that he was detrimental to the show and since then has not made another appearance again.


  • Fish Head fucking sucks.
  • He serves as an unfunny counterpart to Jim Ass.
  • Seriously, he fucking sucked shit.
  • The Homosexual made sweet love to his colon in 2015.

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