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A list of fan created games inspired by the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

The Drunken Peasants Video Game Trailer (Not-So-Official RPG 2015 2016)01:30

The Drunken Peasants Video Game Trailer (Not-So-Official RPG 2015 2016)

This trailer was broadcast on the October Private show.

Drunken Peasants Video Game

The greatest podcast in the universe has become so popular that an unofficial video game is to be released sometime around the start of 2016.

The game will be made completely free and was made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Play as Ben, TJ and Scotty as they fight the world as the Drunken Peasants over an epic saga spanning 5 chapters. Team up with DP's allies and fight DP's rogues gallery including Vigilant Christian Mario, Ryan Wiley, Ray Comfort and MUCH MORE!

The game is being released as an Alpha Release as of 22nd February 2016.

Download the game here:

The main power-up in the game.

The Drunken Peasants: The Game

A Drunken Peasants themed video game that was announced in Episode 141. It will be a sidescrolling action platformer. The game will include the many adversaries of the peasants.

The adversaries however will be represented as cheap knockoffs of the original characters. Meaning that they will most likely be charging real actual physical currency that could have went to curing muscular dystrophy or homosexuality or something to play this pixel hunk of shit. The rest of the details of this game are currently unknown.

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