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The Drunken Peasants sometimes hold art contests with cash prizes. The following are some of the masterpieces submitted by the highly talented fans of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

Fan Art Not Featured

  • TJ and GirlDoesRant having a wild orgy
  • Bread Queen
  • GTime Johnny creating the G-Time with his disciples
  • Kaiser Scotty with his trusty stallion
  • Living Man foraging for food
  • Captain Kirk, Commander EggBitch, and Lieutenant Commander Beta
  • TJ Comic
  • Summer Slam Scotty
  • TJ Warrior

Ugly Paul Gallery - Featured on #37

Tim Black Making Sweet Love To TJ Gallery - Featured on #38

  • 9 images in this gallery were removed by Ducksoup. #ThanksObama

Scotty As Master Of The Universe Gallery - Featured on #60

Ben & TJ Worshiping John Cena - Featured on #62


Screencapping (short for screen capture) is when the Drunken Peasants pause a video on somebody making a rather strange face or in a strange pose. They then might encourage the audience to screenshot the paused activity and add a humourous caption



  • A screencap of G Man.
  • A screencap of Ted Cruz.
  • A fan's screencap of Caiden Cowger.
  • A screenshot of Josh Moronstein

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