"Having rights? Sounds dangerous old chap!"

Europe is a continent located like 100 miles from America. It is where all the clean white people came from besides the Irish. It is divided into Western Europe and Eastern Europe, which were former Commies. It is now full of horrible socialist countries where there's healthcare and more taxes.

In light of recent bullshit in the shithole called the Middle East, much of Europe has recently been invaded by radical Muslims that will eventually replace the white socialist pussies and enact Islamic law. Europe, like the rest of the world, was once almost owned entirely by England and France.

Europe is primarily inhabited by British people, Frenchies, Spainglo-Saxons, Scandinavian socialists, a couple Russians, Germans, Italians, Kim Kardashian's grandmother and the Greek gods.


Read more: Drunken Peasants Europe Trip

It was graced by the presence of the Drunken Peasants in their Europe Trip. The peasants unsurprisingly are adored by all the socialist cucks in these countries, leading to it making up a a sizable amount of their fanbase.

Europe is often the butt of some of the peasants' jokes. Despite this, they have also done shows at special times in order to cater to the European audience who can normally only watch live late at night or early in morning.

ԀP'd Countries

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