Episode 98 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. The episode featured the first appearance of TheRPGMinx.

Videos Played

  1. A Question About Paul's Ego (can't find)
  2. Telling CSGO players about Jesus (KaceyTron)
  3. Burger King Customer Service ftl (ManGagaMan)
  4. The Presbyterian Church Votes to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage !!! WHAT ??? (The Vigilant Christian)
  5. The Amazing Atheist Is An Idiot (can't find)
  6. "I've been transformed into a God"
  7. Some Right Wing Bullshit (can't find)
  8. Jamster Commercial
  9. Christian Wrestling Federation
  10. Flipeez Commercial Flipeez As Seen On TV Kids Fun Action Hat With Flaps | As Seen On TV Blog
  11. EZ Pour
  12. Pineapple Twist Infomercial
  13. Official Zoom Marinator Commercial
  14. Magic Apron Commercial Magic Apron As Seen On TV No Strings Apron | As Seen On TV Blog
  15. PetCakes 60 sec Infomercial
  16. The Beater Meter
  17. Hey Scotty video (can't find)
  18. Joe The Plumber's Second Velocity Store DTV Ad
  19. QRay - Q The Positive
  20. Katana Sword Infomercial Goes Wrong
  21. Informercial Fail (can't find)
  22. Tyrone Davies puking on live tv [Live Puke]
  23. Nattliv - Swedish hostess throws up on live TV!

Start of the Show

The peasants began with introducing Minx to the audience and they started up with a Troll or Not a Troll video hating on the man of a thousand jowls, PaulsEgo. The peasants concluded he was a troll because it's nearly impossible to dislike Paul. They played the first KaceyTron video where she gets butthurt that some atheist in her audience joked about the number 666 and she later accuses Obama of potentially being the anti-Christ.

The next video was by some fat fuck who thinks there's a difference between hot wings and buffalo wings. He was probably a fucking troll. TJ suspected he is trying to become a real life WWE villain.

Middle of the Show

To be added

End of the Show

To be added


  • To be added


  • To be added

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