Episode 95 is an unorthodox episode of Drunken Peasants. The episode was devoted exclusively to a planned debate between Dr. Jean-Francois Gariépy and Brian Young. It featured a pretty standard structure: each side got an introduction, followed by questioning from the hosts, and ending with a conclusion. It was held at Summer Slam.

Young's Introduction

Brian Young prepared a slideshow with a bunch of shit in it. It was just a lot of Jesus stuff and other creationist shit.

Gariépy's Introduction

JF provided a fundamental basis for the evolutionary theory with scientific facts and God-hatred to back it up. He seemed to be the more logical one in the debate.


TJ asked questions about bananas. He also asked questions about the Bible.


G Man won the debate, obviously. But seriously, JF destroyed all of his creationist arguments and ripped that nigga a new asshole.


"Well scientifically, you're related to a banana."
—Brian owning TJ

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