Episode 93 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

Start of the Show

The show started with TJ sharing stories about his encounters with cops. Once TJ finished, Ben did the usual shirt and Patreon shilling. They then began talking about the JF vs. Brian Young debate which would happen a few days after the show aired.

After all of that bullshit, they played a Troll or not a Troll video which featured a vegan licking the air and pretending it's a pussy. We also learn from this video that TJ is under 18. After being bored to death with it, they played an Aaron Clarey video. In this video, he states that you can't respond to something that's wrong. TJ explains why Capitalism is the worst thing ever, and anyone who has money should be killed(duh). The next video is a video from ten years ago of TJ when he was a libertarian. The argument being made in the video is that there could be Walmart hospitals if the government didn't provide health care. After skipping the video, they played a Steven Crowder video about police brutality. He showed us why all niggers should be lynched. He also observed that the old homeless man getting shot to death could've been Mike Tyson in his prime.

Middle of the Show

Once they had wrapped up the Crowder video, they played a video of an angry lesbian talking about how women have too many rights. He also shows his expertise in revisionist history by saying that women have never been oppressed(let's not mention that women couldn't vote until the 1920s). After they had thoroughly rekt him/her, they moved on to a Fox news story about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. Random blonde lady #127 and a black guy debate on whether Clinton is a dirty criminal. Random blonde lady points out that breaking a law before it even exists is a loophole, proving him wrong. After that, they played a Theodore Shoebat video explaining why ISIS is full of qurrs.

End of the Show

Next up is a lovely video about how "Homosexuality is worse than murder and genocide." The video explains that the constitution says that the government can't decide anything about marriage (which is why he wants the government to stop homosexual marriage?). The Peasants then played a Pat Robertson clip. In this clip, Pat claims that if you smoke weed(everyday), you're a slave to vegetables. He thinks that marijuana is a vegetable, which makes total sense.

Videos Played

  1. Vegan licking the air (can't find)
  2. Video request - The Amazing Atheist Hates Capitalism
  3. Libertarian TJ (probably doesn't exist anymore)
  4. "All cops are racist" || Louder with Crowder
  5. Angry lesbian on women's rights. (can't find)
  6. Hillary Clinton News story (can't find)
  7. RWW News: Theodore Shoebat Says ISIS Is a Gay Cult and 'Fags' want to molest children
  8. RWW News: Scott Lively Says Homosexuality Is Worse than Murder and Genocide

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