Episode 91 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It featured the first appearance of MundaneMatt.

Start of the Show

The episode began with Ben and Lance Sloane, who portrays The Amazing Atheist. Lance then went fully into character when their guest MundaneMatt came on and briefly discussed GamerGate. The peasants kicked it off with DP rip-off Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety with Teddy Rubskin. DP complain- wait RDIV, complained about a MrRepzion comment making fun of them. The UnFunny Comedian established that they were not a rip-off of DP. Yes, they may have copied the style, structure and name, but they don't have the burden of being entertaining. They moved onto a troll or not a troll of an angry Australian man responding to atheists in regards to Noah's Ark and Australian animals.

Next was a video by Prager University talking about the minimum wage. After that boring shit, Ben played a video providing 10 reasons why should oppose same-sex quote/unquote marriage. It was your typical fluff from the Christian right. Babies, "morality", slippery slope, mah' Bible yada yada.

Middle of the Show

The peasants covered a video by Fox News claiming the media was covering up the Christian Holocaust by ISIS. Not taking into the account that pretty much all news organizations condemn ISIS and that ISIS isn't only killing Christians, Fox News were insistent that it was a war on Christians. The peasants then played the latest awesome track by the "Why Be An Atheist" Guy who's rockin' the xylophone. He wants us to know that God is a cool vegan dude who likes Rihanna and erotica. Overcome by WBAAG's musical talent, they hit the music break.

End of the Show

Following the music break, the peasants were also joined by Morti before playing a spoken word poem by Jefferson Bethke who presented the compilations of having sex for recreation, demonstrating his retardation. Next was Onision giving lifesaving advice by shaming and berating self-cutters. Following our mate Jeff was someone somehow less in touch with reality, The Vigilant Christian talking about how Batman is satanic. After looking at the astounding amount of bullshit evidence Mario provided, The peasants ended the show and continued into iTunes-only mode.

Videos Played


  • Ben mentions how the Vigilant Christian still won't come on the show.
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