Episode 85 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. It was the first episode to feature Mercedes Carrera as a guest.

Videos Played


Highlights include: A PORNSTAR GUEST, a pornstar vs. Ryan Whily, Sickly Ben, Fox Jews silences Adam Kokesh.

Start of The Show

The Drunken Peasants began the show by informing the audience that Ben is deathly ill so he won't be on camera. Then, Scotty got Ben and TJ mixed up. After that, Mercedes introduced herself. She explained her background and also GamerGate, to the hosts and audience. Once that discussion was completed, they moved on to a Wild Bill video, which allowed TJ to see the light. The video played also demonstrated that Wild Bill apparently believes that, to be an atheist, one must absolutely believe that aliens exist.

Next, the Drunken Peasants played a video by Ryan Wiley responding to a video by TJ on the feminist #LikeAGirl Campaign. TJ refuted the Wage Gap once more, and they moved on.

After that, they played a video about a list of reasons why to date liberal men. The hosts and Mercedes laughed at it due to it's absurdity and in confusion. Then, they moved onto an Onision video where he told women what to think and said female antifeminists want women in burkas.

After that, they moved onto a video where Tim Black blamed TJ partly for the Chapel Hill Shootings, in which a man named Craig Hicks killed a couple muslims, which was blamed on Islamophobia by some even though Craig Hicks didn't really seem to have a prejudice against Muslims. He condoned the Ground Zero Mosque - something one with a fear of Muslims would most likely not do.

Middle of The Show

The hosts then moved on to a clip where Adam Kokesh got his mic cut while on Fox News. It was probably because Adam was about to reveal the Illuminati's secrets.

End of The Show

To be added.


  • "I have the magical female minority pussy card." - Mercedes Carrera
  • "I'm just tired of women who are a bunch of pathetic, whiner, narcissists speaking out on behalf of all women everywhere and thinking that's acceptable." - Mercedes Carrera's take on the anti-GamerGate crowd.
  • "Porn is a very female-friendly field." - Part of Mercedes' discussion about whether the porn industry is misogynistic
  • "You've reached the lowest of the low brow here at the Drunken Peasants Podcast." - TJ Kirk
  • "I would show [my] tits but that'd probably get you kicked off YouTube." - Another reason why YouTube is garbage. Well, at least you can still do research outside of it.
  • "There won't be any squirrels in this video, but there's usually dolphins out there." - Wild Bill
  • "In all the possible ways the world could end, Klingon Invasion is probably the best." - TJ
  • "Well, they're a warrior culture, so they need to fight and fuck at the same time." - TJ on black people (just kidding, Klingons again).
  • "I'm marching to Hell now guys, bye!" - Scotty
  • "Oh my god. The veil has been lifted from my eyes! I see the truth! I see the truth! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!" - TJ
  • "No, no, Satan lifted the veil from my eyes. And now I realize he is my dark lord and master." - TJ
  • "TJ - you're a Jesuit." - Scotty
  • "Matriarchy!" - Ben
  • "We're now the Meninist Podcast." - TJ
  • "That's why all the wisest men in history had to go live in a cave for a while." - TJ
  • "8 reasons I will never like cole slaw!" - TJ
  • "Was anyone offended by that statement? Oh my god, I think someone was offended." - Scotty
  • "Onision's a fucking hobbit, dude." - Scotty
  • "Pigs are floating and Ryan Wiley got laid!" - Scotty
  • "Tigers start coming out, dancing around in a chorus line and all that." - Scotty
  • "I'm a patriot! People fly planes into buildings and I'm glad someone can stop them!" - TJ
  • "Murica! For freedom! Censor his mic." - Mercedes Carrera


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