Episode 71 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It was aired on The Amazing Atheist channel due to copyright shit. This episode features the one and only appearance of Pistol Slamfire, who is, without a doubt, the second sexiest female guest on the show.

Videos Played

  1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Support Daughter's Wish To Be Called "John" ... SAY WHAT !?!
  2. Cloud Disappear (too many of these to find)
  3. The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV
  4. Eat Da Poo Poo
  5. Molyneux "Women, most women, they really like to spank"
  6. Deleted Brett Keane video
  7. Church of Gail Attacked by SENTIENT Burrito & Taco! Need Scientist!
  8. Rybackman on transgender in the news
  9. Pat Robertson on high Anti-Theist (can't find)
  10. Atheism is a mental disorder (can't find)
  11. Faggot reresponding to TJ (can't find)
  12. Faith Healer Exposed (can't find)
  13. Police Kill Man At Columbus Airport
  14. Oklahoma's Ban on Hoodies
  15. Cop Accidentally Shoots Wife Twice (can't find)
  16. Play Doh Dick (can't find)

Start of the Show

Pistol shilled her channel, and then the peasants played a bunch of Hey Scotty's. Then they played a Vigilant Christian video about how transgendered people are satanic Illuminati agents. Then they play a clip of a guy showing gay porn to a large crowd.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show


  • This is the only episode so far to have Pistol on.
  • Pistol's channel is fucking boring.
  • Pistol is hot.


  • "I'm Ben."
  • "And I'm sickly TJ." - TJ
  • "Ben is pistol whipped." - TJ
  • "We're "aboot" to be offended." - Ben mocking TVC
  • "This is some more of that transgender satanism!" - TJ
  • "We'll bang, okay." - Ben to Pistol before the show.
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