Episode 51 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

Videos Played

  1. The Vigilant Christian Apology to The Amazing Atheist TJ!
  2. Net Neutrality = Obamacare for The Internet
  3. Andrew Klavan: What Gender Are You?
  4. Lets Get Atheism out of Public School
  5. Some Feminist cunt whining at TJ
  6. Catcall video goes viral

Start of the Show

Middle of the Show

End of the Show


  • "Welcome to the Drunken Peasants Podcast. I'm Ben, and we're here to DP the shit out of the news!" - Ben, using the predecessor to his current opening line.
  • The peasants discussed intercourse with John Cena:
    • Ben: "How long did it take Cena to cum? Or Cena just has unlimited sexual stamina?"
    • TJ: "Well, Cena just cums perpetually.
    • Ben: "That's why he wears jean shorts."
    • Scotty: "It's like a fountain is what you're saying."
    • TJ: "Yeah, it's just nonst- he's just so manly and virile that it just ksh ksh ksh ksh. It's like a cum sprinkler."
  • "I think [ Alex Jones ] started taking the mass murder pills." - TJ
  • "We know his name's not Obama, his name is Niktuclorpvonzikthao, alien overlord sent here to rule humanity." -TJ, apparently suffering from some sort of radiation poisoning.


  • It objectively has the best thumbnail of any episode that doesn't feature Mercedes.


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