Episode 50 is an episode of Drunken Peasants.

During this episode, TJ announced that he officially changed his last name to Cena. He also tried to sell drugs to his Patreon faggots. They discussed TJ haters, envious white chicks, nuke denying farmers, retarded cops, and Feminazis oppressing men.

Videos Played

  1. The Amazing Atheist Rapist
  2. Confused Girl Says She Wants To Be Black Because Blacks Are More Privileged!
  3. Nukes Don't Exist!
  4. "Randy Rhoads" is "Randi Rhodes" a transvestigation special event.
  5. 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Lea DeLaria - Shouts Down Subway Preacher
  6. Julien Teaches His 'Dating' Techniques To Pick Up Women (bitch got scared and deleted his bullshit, this is a small clip of it)
  7. Police Charge 90-year-old Man, 2 Pastors with Feeding Homeless
  8. Aussie Cameraman Gets Confession Then Carjacked (not the same video, but same story)
  9. Would you experience North Korea?
  10. A video about Kiss of Love Kochi (Can't find)
  11. Ex-SEAL Describes Killing Bin Laden (different video, same story)
  12. The Whizdom - Male Urinary Device
  13. Hilarious Commercial - The Wunder Boner.
  14. Toilet Tunes - Make Music When You Take a Leak
  15. Banned Infomercial Ad: Chatty Patty
  16. Kush Commercial "A Natural Rest for the Breast"
  17. Style Screamer - Look Chic While Shrieking Terror into Criminals
  18. Plate Talk Puts a Whiteboard On Your Car
  19. My Lil' Reminder Infomercial

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