"How you doin' you ugly fucking bitch?"
—TJ to Jaclyn.
Episode 44 is a two part episode of Drunken Peasants. it featured the returning appearance of the human fax machine, Jaclyn Glenn.


  • The appearance of Jaclyn Glenn.
  • TJ calls Jaclyn a bitch.
  • Little girls swearing on YouTube in the name of Feminism.

Start Of The Show

The episode began with Scotty and Ben trying to Ban TJ in real life by keeping his mic volume down. They played the Hey Scotty clip and TJ did some good old shilling. They brought Jaclyn on the show and TJ calls her an ugly bitch. Jaclyn then asks one of the peasants to piss on her face.[1]

They moved into the infamous video of little girls swearing in the name of Feminism. TJ and Jaclyn disagree about teaching kids to swear. They video has the little girls, who are clearly reading scripts, tackling huge issues like rape and why liking big booty bitches is bad. Ben takes a moment the thank the live chat mods before moving on. They then played a video by Stefan Mawananawaah, which proved that he's never been laid in his life. Stefan later claims evil is of matriarchal heritage.

The move into a video by The Vigilant Christian talking all about TJ and claiming he has no idea what he's talking aboot.


  • TJ claims that if he has children, their first word will be fuck.
  • TJ offers the chatroom moderators genital stimulation. The Gerudo Dragon was among the mods and TJ has yet to do good on the offer.
  • People have asked TJ to debate Stefan in the past.



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