Episode 40 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • The debut of "Hey Scotty... Jesus man!"

Videos Played

  1. President Bush Jr is part of a Vampire Illuminati Bloodline !!! RELATED TO DRACULA !!!
  2. Does God Exist? 4 New Arguments

Start of the Show

The show started off by playing the Hey Scotty clip for the first time on DP. This would shape DP history for episodes to come. They then began the show with the hosts poorly imitating one another. They went on to discuss a recent road trip they had where they ate some food and watched cops pull over people.

They brought on some bland guest named David who did nothing to the show, while they played another video from the Vigilant Christian. In this video he exposed George Bush for being a vampire, because somehow he was related to the historical figure Dracula was based on (even though the whole vampire thing is a metaphor and is purely a work of historical fiction). TJ was driven mad by Mario and told Ben to move on.

They then moved on to a video from Prager University of a bold guy telling his story about how he was an evil atheist who thought god believers were idiots until some baseball players convinced him god was real. He then went on to explain how 4 big bangs had to occur to make the atheist worldview possible. It was basically an argument from ignorance four times in a row. They also played this shitty clip of TJ's dog.

Middle of the Show

End of the Show



  • TJ and Scotty form a band with Ben called "From Nothing" and they plan to release their Album: Chinese Democracy, PART II in the 25 years following.

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