Episode 36 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants Podcast.


  • Paul's Ego is coming for you, nigga!
  • G Man takes on Tim Black.
  • California's huge ass drought.

Start of the Show

TJ, Ben, Scotty Cena, and PaulsEgo firstly chatted about bullshit and PaulsEgo's ICP confession. G Man enters the fray and discuss G Man's evil persona, The Chocolate Atheist. They then watched G Man's latest rap song, ft. Bill O'Reilly. After that, G Man reacted to SyeTenAtheist's spot on portrayal of G Man. After that, Vigilant Christian did yoga like a new age faggot and Tim Black watched BananaGate.

Middle of the Show

After a lengthy pre-Sex Twister break, they get back to talking about Lord Vladimir Putin, and then they answered some stupid fucking questions. 

End of the Show

After another break, the lazy peasants covered Ebola with a CNN news story. Fans looking back at this episode remember that the illness killed everyone in America (starting with the gays and the atheists). Also, CNN explained how graphs work to their stupid viewers. Then, a stupid Russian soldier took a selfie in the wrong country. After that, cops were just being cops and the libernazis were pissed off. To end the show and humanity, PaulsEgo's fat, grimy jowls poisoned all the downstream water in Ohio.


  • "Penis" - God


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