"Folk with us, bears."
—TJ at the beginning of the show.
Episode 3 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. This episode featured the first appearance of Howard Bloom.


It began with the early opening, with Ben's whimsical vocals announcing the intro and explaining the streaming problems.

They brought Howard on the show and TJ introduced the audience to him and his accomplishments. Howard takes the opportunity to talk about one of his books. Howard tells several stories from his past to explain how he accidentally started the true spirit of the 1960's.

Howard eventually transitions into talking about Zionism and the conspiracy theories that Jews actually put Hitler into power in order to eventually take a chunk of land in the shitty Middle East. Howard talks about how he put a lot of research into Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed. Howard describes how muslims forged the largest non-empire in human history, even bigger than the United States.

Later on, Howard starts talking about Richard Dawkins and his memes.          


  • It took two attempts to get the show on air.
  • Howard is a zionist, an atheist, and Jewish.
  • TJ is interested by the idea of eternally roasting on a spit.

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